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Body Lift Thailand

A Body lift surgery in Thailand is also known as Body Contouring. The lift surgery is a powerful way to improve the overall current shape as well as the tone of your underlying tissues that support the skin and fat. If you have any excess fat and skin that has begun to sag due to recent weight loss,pregnancy or just natural aging are removed surgically or via modern laser liposuction techniques to help treat the lose or flabby condition that is caused primarily due to very poor elasticity of your tissues.

Body lifts are a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Thailand that combines multiple surgeries to help shape and tone your abdomens,thighs,breasts and/or buttocks. A lower body lift  or belt lipectomy surgery that involves your thighs,back,buttocks and tummy while the upper body lift  surgery will focus mainly on your breasts, middle back, and chest areas. The combination or the lower and upper body lift is known as the Total body lift surgery and is accomplished in either one or two different stages.

Tummy Tuck in Thailand 3D Video Animation

Body lifts and Body contouring treatments are often used to tighten and/or sagging fatty tissues,cellulite or excess skin. The Body contouring surgeries and Body makeover procedures can really help clients who have recently undergone massive weight loss typically via weight loss surgery in Thailand or bariatric surgery procedures such the Lap Band or the Gastric Bypass in Thailand. Body contouring surgeries can also help women get their pre-pregnancy shape and bodies back in what is known as a Mommy Makeover.

Body Contouring Surgery Preparation

In order to qualify for the body makeover surgery in Thailand, certain conditions must be met. You should have already maintained a stable weight for at least a  two to three months before considering having surgery and should already be actively participating in proper eating habits, exercise and/or dietary program in your home. Candidates who have recently had the Lap Band surgery or gastric bypass surgery or any other gastric weight loss procedures should ideally wait at least 6 months to 1 year after to let your body recover and to also give ample time for any underlying health problems associated with their previous obesity to improve naturally over time.

Women who are planning on having children soon are also advised to try to postpone any surgery until after they give birth. Women and men in their 20′s,30′s and 40′s and even 50′s may consider body rejuvenation surgery as a great solution to help remove the stubborn remaining fat and skin tissue after already reducing excessive weight.

The Body Lift Procedure in Thailand

body-lift-thailand-overviewBody lift is typically performed in an internationally accredited Hospital in Bangkok or Phuket. The total time for the body lift surgery will range from 2 to 6 hours depending not the areas and amount of skin and tissue being removed. The Body Lift procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia (asleep) but may use local anesthesia for minor Body contouring that uses laser liposuction Vaser Thailand Liposuction or the latest BodyTite Liposculpting in Bangkok.

Lower bodylifts usually starts with an almost belt-like excision directly above your outer thighs and buttocks area. One of the Top cosmetic surgeons in Thailand that TMV recommends may also further separate the skin on you thighs to help achieve better results. The Thai surgeon will then carefully  remove any excess skin and then they will begin to reshape the underlying tissue finally suturing the area and beginning the Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) portion of the treatment.

Tummy Tuck in Thailand involves a making a horizontal incision along your pubic area and another small incision near the navel to help loosen any abdominal skin from your underlying tissue. The cosmetic surgeon will then begin to tighten your stomach muscles and finally remove any excess skin and/or tissues. The surgeon may also carefully suction out any of the remaining fat in the area with liposuction. The remaining skin will then be repositioned and finally sutured near the pubic area, after which your belly button will be returned to their original location.

The upper bodylift begins first with the careful removal of your bra-line skin. After the surgeon closes this bra-line excision, they will have eliminated all the fat rolls from your back and also helped narrow your waist line. Any remaining extra fat or skin tissue under/near your breasts or near the rib cage will also be removed in the upper body lift surgery. When closing the sutures, the surgeon will also tighten all the skin under your breasts, and allow the now raised abdominal skin to be sutured to the lower rib cage.

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