Minimally Invasive Neck Lifts in Thailand

For most clients, the neck region is generally the first area to show its true age. For others genetics might take the blame. Fat deposits around your face and neck such as double or triple chins,and “turkey necks” can really take its toll on peoples’ appearances. When the skin below your chin begins to slacken, you can develop a “turkey wattle neck” or “turkey neck.” For some clients the double chins can happen due to sudden changes in weight resulting in a lack of elasticity of the new loose hanging skin. If you are suffering from turkey necks, band lines, excess fat or excess skin, TMV can help with an affordable neck lift in Thailand that can instantly bring your chin and neck back into their proper shape at a price that you can afford.

Neck Liposuction Video 3D

Platysmaplasty Surgery

It doesn’t matter what your genes,age, gravity or mother nature has to say. A neck lift surgery or platysmaplasty can easily correct the problem areas by removing any excess or sagging skin beneath your chin,neck and jaw line. The platysma muscle located in your neck can easily be adjusted and tightened today in Bangkok or Phuket Thailand, eliminating any separations and/or sagging skin.

Benefits of Cervicoplasty Surgery in Thailand

• Neck Lifts can Increase you self-esteem & confidence
It can help you Feel fresh & rejuvenated
• Neck and Facelifts can make it easier to apply your make-up
Neck Lifts Surgery can eliminate double-chins and the areas of fat from under the your chin and your neck
• It Can restore you to a youthful and smooth-looking neckline
You will give you back the ability to once again wear clothes with low necklines
Neck Lifts will cost you 35-70% less in Phuket or Bangkok

Neck lift Thailand or Platysmaplasty in Thailand is a simple plastic surgery operation that can be performed in one of only 3 ways, depending of course on your preferences and budget. The 3 primary types of neck lift surgeries offered in Thailand today are:

Neck Lifts Using Botox

Neck-Lift-ThailandThe least expensive but temporary technique for neck lift surgery is by using Botox. The platysma muscle (vertical bands under chin). Botox Dermal fillers can easily be injected into the platysma muscle to help reduce negative appearance of these undesired bands. This is a very simple and inexpensive solution and can be done in the doctor’s office and doesn’t requires any anesthesia, allowing you to get right back to normal life in as little as a few hours. This solution is temporary however with results lasting a few months.

Neck Fat Removal Using Liposuction

During your liposuction procedure, one of our top plastic surgeons in Bangkok or Phuket will use Vaser liposuction or BodyTite Lipo to make small incisions directly below your chin to remove any excess fat. Neck Lipo is often perfumed alone but maybe combined with a facelift,lip augmentation, stem cell breast enlargements and nose surgery in Thailand. if performed on its own, the neck lipo will only take about 1 hour depending on the type of liposuction you choose. The tiny incisions will be closed,stitched and bandaged immediately after treatment. The neck lipo in Thailand will require local or general anesthesia and you should plan on a 5 to 7 day Thai Medical Vacation to allow proper recovery before going back home.

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