Orthopedic Joint Surgery in Thailand 

Are you in need of orthopedic surgery such as knee replacement in Thailand or hip replacement surgery in Thailand, shoulder surgery, spine surgery, back surgery or hand and foot surgery with zero wait times and cost savings of 45-60%? Then look no further! Ultra-Safe, High quality and low cost Orthopedic Joint Surgery in Phuket and Bangkok is now within everyone’s reach. At Thai Medical we provide our international clients with direct access to the best orthopedic surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket. Our partnerships with the leading hospitals in Thailand allow our clients to receive the best medical care from only accredited medical providers that deliver safe, high-quality, affordable Orthopedic Joint Surgery solutions along with integrative recovery and rehabilitation efforts utilizing the best in minimally invasive surgical techniques that help with a much faster recovery, with lesser post-operative pain or post-surgical complications.

Thai Orthopedic Injury Treatment Video

Thai Medical can assist you with your orthopedic surgery vacation to Thailand. We help arranges all of the logistics for your trip and treatment. Our hand-selected surgeons and care facilities consist of internationally renowned doctors that have performed thousands of successful surgeries with over 60 years combined helping eliminate pain and increase mobility dramatically via Orthopedic Joint Surgeries such as hip and knee replacements. The combination of high quality,low cost and convenience makes Thailand the ideal destination for orthopedic surgeries and treatments.

Thai Medical Approved Orthopedic Surgery Facilities can Treat:

  • Complete Ankle Fusion Operation – Arthodesis in Thailand
  • Surgical ACL Repair and Regeneration in Thailand
  • Broken Ankle – Open Reduction and Fixation in Thailand
  • Bunion Surgery via a Bunionectomy in Thailand
  • CTD via Carpal Tunnel Decompression in Thailand
  • Discectomy surgery for a Slipped Disc in Thailand
  • Partial Fasciectomy or Dupuytrens Contracture surgery in Thailand
  • Legs – Femoral Shaft Fracture & Internal Fixation Treatment in Thailand
  • Ganglion Excision of the Foot and wrists in Thailand
  • Complete Artificial Hip Replacement in Thailand
  • Complete artificial Hip Resurfacing in Thailand

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