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At Thai Medical Vacation our goal is to help you or a loved one locate the absolute BEST plastic surgeons in Thailand for the best prices, GUARANTEED!  We can make such a claim because we know Thailand. Thai Medical offers our international clients aesthetic surgeries and treatments with the best doctors in Thailand. We have personally visited, screened and pre-approved all the Accredited Hospitals in Thailand that we recommend. Our clients trust us to recommend safe, high-quality and affordable cosmetic tours and plastic surgery in Thailand medical solutions. The surgical and non-surgical Aesthetic procedures are all performed by the Best Plastic Surgeons in Thailand. The internationally educated and trained doctors we recommend are truly considered the Elite and Best Plastic surgeons in Thailand. All of our approved medical providers have thousands of previously successful treatments over decades of extremely high level service. When it comes to Thailand Plastic Surgery,we know our clients only want the Best of the Best, and are always willing to provide them with accurate and current  plastic surgery prices in Thailand.

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Having Plastic Surgery in Thailand can provide you alot of value and benefits. The biggest and most important advantages is that our previous real-life Best cosmetic surgery Thailand reviews and insights offer you true value without compromising the quality of the doctors. On Average our clients can expect to save between 42%-76% on costs for most plastic surgery procedures in Thailand when comparing to the costs you will find back home and still maintain the quality of the doctor and don’t forget the value of 100% privacy and tranquility to to recover in  Amazing Thailand. When deciding between which doctors in Thailand in to choose for your Thai cosmetic surgery trip you should look for those who take the initiative to provide you with upfront answers and with those who understand that YOUR Safety and Health comes FIRST!

Plastic Surgery Prices and Promotions in Thailand

Traveling abroad can certainly cause minor anxiety. This is very normal. Having plastic surgery in Thailand is a big decision and Thai Medical is here to help eliminate your anxiety and concerns by helping you find the best doctors and prices in Bangkok or Phuket. We’re focused of finding quality of doctor and surgeon first followed by price second. There many be other “cheaper” options out there but in our experiences we always get what we pay for in Australia,UK,Thailand or the US. Cheap unqualified doctors will lead to poor results. Our doctors,clinics and hospitals in Bangkok,Phuket and the rest of Thailand have all been pre-screened and hand-selected. They truly are the Best of the Best with thousands of successful patients and success stories for your review during the initial doctor consultation. Trust should be earned and not just given so if given the chance, we  promise to provide you with unbiased honest answers to medical care in Thailand. We feel you can better much better decisions,through a few good options we provide to choose from . The Best plastic surgeons in Thailand we recommended are all properly trained, fully registered, accredited,experienced professionals who understand your needs and will advise you on realistic expectations and outcomes with associated risks. Our professionals in Bangkok and Phuket will solve your medical issues using only the most advanced medical equipment and techniques allowing for  fantastic results in a very short plastic surgery vacation to Thailand.

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For more details including before and after pictures,plastic surgery videos from Thailand,aesthetic surgery reviews and actual costs please visit the specific page for the treatment you are seeking. TMV is a trusted organization that ONLY works with the Best Plastic surgeons in Thailand. Our service comes at absolutely ZERO cost to you. Thai Medical Group and its sister websites Thai Cosmetic Vacation and Liposuction in Thailand can also assist you in finding the exact treatments you desire form a qualified doctor at a price you can afford.

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Due to the inherent travel restrictions brought about with having surgery not everyone will make for a good candidate to have plastic surgery in Thailand. In lieu of a face to face consultation, our doctors can assess your candidacy and pricing via a short online medical history form where you can also pictures. The initial medical review from an actual Thai doctor will normally take 1-3 business. TMV clients can also expect priority doctor scheduling for all medical appointments,Hotels bookings, and local excursions in Bangkok and Phuket. Our No-Hassle all inclusive packages including modern boutique accommodations,round-trip airport transportations and day excursions customized to your tastes and budget. We offer the most competitive plastic surgery prices in Thailand.

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When you apply for treatment, You will immediately contacted by one of our dedicated english speaking international patient care specialists who will help guide you with all the estimated costs,benefits,risks,travel choices and other relevant information about your plastic surgery holiday to Thailand. We also offer complete Thailand vacation packages upon request.

The treatment and Thai medical vacation length will really depend on your requested medical needs. We offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatment solutions requiring from 1 to 30 nights in Bangkok or Phuket depending on your needs and tight schedules.  A few days after your plastic surgery in Thailand you will be able to get back to your daily life routines in your home or stay longer and enjoy the rest trip in Amazing Siam.

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