Why Thailand?

Imagine getting that much needed hip replacement procedure the day after arriving (it can take a year or more of waiting for the same procedure in Britain and Canada) Now imagine getting that procedure and spending your recovery time in an exotic locale, with 5-star accommodations and a friend that will plan everything from your doctor visits to tour tickets, spa and massage treatments etc. Welcome to one of the many reason why Thailand !

Why Medical Care In Thailand?

Since 2004, one of Thailand’s main initiatives was a plan to make Thailand a “medical hub” by using government money and resources to promote a state of the art private healthcare system that would be attractive to foreign patients. The plan has worked, bringing in an estimated 50 billion baht ($1.6B Dollars) per year. Thailand has been a popular destination for Americans seeking proven high quality low cost procedures, Canadians and Brits looking to cut wait times, or Middle Eastern patients shunned by Post 9/11 visa restrictions that has kept many in the region from traveling West for critical and elective care is another reason why Thailand is a popular destination

Check out this short videos about Thailand and what you can expect.

Why Thailand is a Leader in Advanced Healthcare?

According to the Public Health Ministry reason why Thailand leads in medical tours is:

– Heart valve replacement in Thailand costs a mere $10,000 compared to $160,000 in the US

– Heart bypass surgery costs $11,000 as compared with $130,000 in the US. This is why Thailand had over 20,000 heart treatments last year alone

–  orthopedic joint surgery such as hip replacement and artificial knee replacement start at about $8000 dollars respectively, in Thailand, While in the United States they cost roughly four times as much – $43,000 and $40,000.

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