Certified BodyTite RFAL Liposuction

and outer thighs, upper arms,sides, back along with other areas of fat deposits such as male breasts,face, or neck. It can also be used in conjunction with other plastic surgeries for an effective full body makeover treatments.Areas and special attachments include:

  • TummyTite – Minimally-Invasive Tummy Tucks
  • NeckTite – Minimally-Invasive Neck Lift
  • FaceTite – Minimally-Invasive Face Liposuction
  • ArmTite – Arm Lifts
  • ButtTite – Bum Augmentation and Shaping
  • CelluTite – Reduction of Cellulite


Recovery time Requirements

Visitors coming to Bangkok looking for HiDef BodyTite should plan on spending 6-9 nights here. This is a fairly new procedure on the market and is not available in Phuket or Pattaya at this time. BodyTite liposuction is considered minimally invasive and clients reported rapid reduction in swelling, bruising and only minor discomfort. Numbness will also wear off throughout the course of the day post surgery and clients may use prescribed pain medication and/or anti-inflammatory medications.


Thai Medical provides a post-surgical garment such as compression garment to help in the shaping and reduction or any swelling. Our clients reported feeling sore for the first few days. Patients can return to their regular routine immediately after returning home but should only resume high impact exercise once the pain and swelling have subsided.

RFAL Bodytite Lipo in Thailand trip will require a 6 to 9 nights stay in Bangkok. After that time you can get back to your normal life and also enjoy a beautiful exiting trip to Amazing Thailand.

 Prices and Promotions | What Does BodyTite Cost?

The actual cost for having Genuine Bodytite in Bangkok will depend on the number of areas you are getting treated. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for this type of liposuction. Our Invasix Trained doctors will only suggest treatment options for patients who they believe will likely benefit from this revolutionary new treatment. Patients with Extremely High BMI (Body Mass Index or Bodyfat) may not be ideal candidates for Bodytite. To better understand your needs our doctors will need to conduct a virtual consultation before offering any treatment solutions and exact prices can be determined. All treatment prices are firm and fixed upon initial review. The treatment proposal will include discounted prices for multiple areas along with priority scheduling an optional hotel / transportation options to choose from.

Thai Medical Vacation is a trusted organization that will help you every step of the journey. our medical services team in Bangkok will seamlessly coordinate your entire trip using ONLY accredited Thai hospitals and the finest cosmetic surgeons in Bangkok. We cal also offer assistance on other non-medical aspects of your medical holiday at no extra cost. TMV offers clients first class International standards while maintaining affordability.

For more details about having Bodytite lipo in Thailand please contact us today.

“Shape your Dreams into Reality with Thai Medical”


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