Butt Augmentations in Thailand


Butt Lift Thailand

Buttock augmentations are also sometimes called the Brazilian Butt Lift or Gluteoplasty. Butt Lifts and Reshaping are a newer cosmetic surgery procedure in Bangkok and Phuket that are performed by the best cosmetic surgeons in Thailand to help enhance your rear ends’ symmetry and shape. Flat bottoms are a thing of the past thanks to the affordable Butt Augmentation surgeries in Thailand. The surgery is very popular amongst both men and women coming to Siam for medical care.  Over the past few years, Butt augmentation surgery has become one of the most requested treatments at Thai Medical Vacation. TMV is proud to offer the BEST and Safest solutions for our international clients.

In the same way that women can choose to increase their breast sizes through breast augmentation surgery, or the new and natural stem cell breast enhancement for better chest proportions and size, our clients feel the sizes or shapes of their buns are just inadequate for their liking. Our clients were simply frustrated with their butt areas because no matter how much they dieted or exercised the actual shapes never reached the look they desired. The dream of having a sexy and shapely butt can become a reality in as little as 7 nights in Thailand. We offer surgical and non-surgical treatments including the very popular Brazilian Butt Lift ( Bangkok Only) . Our clients have all loved having butt lift surgery with Thai Medical and often update us that their clothes are fitting much better, and their overall confidence levels is through the roof thanks to a much fuller, shaped derriere

Brazilian Butts Lifts in Thailand

The buttock augmentation surgery is a very common plastic surgery  and can be performed alone or combined with complimenting treatments at the Best Hospitals in Thailand. Treatments such as:

The option of a total body makeover in as little as 1 week in Bangkok is very appealing solution for those wanting to change in the privacy of Thai paradise. Your butt enhancement surgery will help to improve the oval contour of your butt and also makes them look  ‘perkier’ and more pronounced.


The Brazilian Butt lift Options and Prices:

– Your Buttock augmentation will be achieved by removing any excess skin on the butt region and then carefully tightening the upper skin region of your butt that will help lift your butt to a newly desired position.

– Your butt enhancement can also be achieved with fat injections, cell assisted lipotransfer or Butt implants. The fat injections are commonly referred to as fat lipotransfers. The fat injections or stem cell assisted fat lipotransfers can instantly and permanently give your rear more lift, projection and/or shape.


Surgical Butt Lifts vs Liposuction

If your butt is fairly robust, you can also benefit from having simple minimally invasive liposuction such as BodyTite or VASER Lipo to reduce

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