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Thai Medical understands how difficult it can be online to find reputable doctors who are focused on your well-being and lasting results. We are your partner in the life-changing experience of having treatments in Bangkok or Phuket. Thai Medical offers a number of cosmetic surgery packages and promotional prices for customized treatments. We ONLY work with the Top Surgeons in Bangkok and provide the best solutions for aesthetic and medical surgeries in the Kingdom.

Honest Prices Pictures & Bangkok Plastic Surgery Reviews

Thai Medical Tourism packages designed for your health and well-being. We offer the best, most advanced modern medical treatments like lasik PRK in thailand and cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental implants . From Phuket to Bangkok, to Samui from a list the most qualified doctors & accredited treatment facilities offering only top rated clinics and hospitals for plastic surgery in Thailand !


Plastic Surgery Procedures Bangkok


Tummy Tucks

Stem Cell Breast Augmentations

Breast Augmentations Lift and Reduction

Breast Implants


Stem Cell Facelift


Hair Transplants and FUE + PRP Micrografting

Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast Reduction

Chin Implants – Chin Augmentations

Lip Augmentations– Lip Lifts

Arm Lifts– Brachioplasty

Body Lifts in Bangkok

Butt Lifts and Buttock Augmentations including Brazilian Butt Lift 

Brow Lift & Forehead Lifts

Neck Lifts – Cervicoplasty & Platysmaplasty

Ear Surgery – Otoplasty in Bangkok and Phuket

Vaginal Rejuvination in Bangkok – Vaginoplasty in Bangkok and Phuket

We offer many other Surgery solutions including:

360 Degree Integrated Anti-Aging  medical solutions for Skin Care in Phuket, Ko Samui,Chang Mai, Chang Rai and Pattaya. We also offer other popular face treatments like skin collagen Injections,Laser Hair Removal,facial fillers,Botox,Micro-Dermabrasions,Facial Line Filling and chemical blue peels.

 Weight loss surgery for:

  • Gastric bypass in Bangkok
  • Gastric sleeve in Bangkok duodenal switch
  • RnY or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass in Thailand
  • Lap Band in Thailand

New minimally invasive Fatloss solutions including:

Cosmetic Dentistry   & Vision Treatments Lasik

Dental Implants Dentures,Root Canals,Crowns,laser Teeth Whitening,Bridges and Vaneers in Bangkok and Phuket.

From A to Z – We Can Guide you Through A Plastic Surgery Trip to Bangkok or Phuket

  • We offer All-Inclusive treatment packages and promos that include all accommodations and round-trip transportation and medical treatments for a truly hassle free medical holiday to Thailand
  • Thai Medical offers dedicated medical liaisons during your cosmetic surgery trip to Thailand to assist you if needed during your entire trip
  • We promise to give you Honest information about ALL Thai hospitals, plastic surgeons and private clinics we work with
  • Our team will be constantly in touch with you all the times to ensure that your stay in Bangkok or Phuket is as comfortable as possible
  • TMV will contact you after you return home to facilitate ALL follow ups and PHR medical records as needed for the Thailand medical trip

Thai Medical ONLY works with certified, accredited medical providers of high-quality yet affordable cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

For us to help you find the Most Qualified English Speaking Surgeons for your medical needs, proper communication,mutual trust, and confidence are required. TMV encourages all our international clients to ask all the tough questions. Thai Medical will make sure your doctors will answer all your questions in detail as quickly as possible to make sure that your surgery in Thailand experience will be positive ans that it will improve your life for the better. Thai Medical is here with you all the way!

For more information about having Surgery in Bangkok or for a custom inquiry based on your current needs please  contact us today.

“Shape your Dreams into Reality with Thai Medical”