Frequently Asked Questions: What’s a “Medical Vacation”?

Answer: A Medical vacation means traveling outside of your home country for the purpose of having medical treatment. Usually due to high costs and long waiting periods for some health care systems in Canada,United States, Asia,Australia,Europe and the Middle East. Medical tourism is the world’s fastest growing area of the travel industry. Internationally acclaimed facilities in Bangkok and Phuket offer medical treatments at a fraction of the costs of other countries, providing individuals with a timely and viable alternative to managing their life. Now more than ever, millions or people are choosing to travel abroad for affordable and immediate medical care, opting to recover in privacy while enjoying the beauty and cultural experience of Amazing Thailand.

Frequently Asked Question: Is having Surgery in Thailand safe?

Answer: Overseas medical treatment centers has long been plagued with bad publicity from unlicensed,unaccredited and uninsured “dodgy” operators trying to lure international clients with extremely low cost treatments. Not surprisingly, this has given cross-border medical care a bad name. The Medical travel industry has blossomed into a mature industry and is a very attractive option for individuals throughout the world. When it comes to personal healthcare and second best just cannot suffice. Without special assistance most people are not able to have access to the best practitioners or private hospital facilities to fulfill their own medical requirements.

Traveling to Thailand for medical care may seem a little daunting at first, but your medical journey shall be carefully managed by Thai Medical Vacation. Our approved treatments and treatment centers are as safe as having any medical treatment in the UK,Australia,US,Canada or Germany. TMV understands medical care in Thailand and we are a trustworthy medical travel agency with relationships with only the best medical facilities in the Kingdom of Thailand

Frequently Asked Question: What’s the Overall Quality of Care Like in Bangkok or Phuket?

Answer: The top medical centers that we work are internationally recognized and all JCI certified. The facilities in Bangkok and Phuket are all considered state of the art technologies and create the impression of high society resorts rather than merely a medical hospital. Many of our wonderful partners have strategic alliances with a leading medical institution around the world such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical. Since the international reputation of our partner hospitals is our priority and responsibility, you can rest assured knowing that you will be working with only the top doctors in that particular area of medicine

Frequently Asked Question: What Treatments are Available at Thai Medical Vacation?

Answer: TMV has hundreds of medical solutions for our international clients. The most common treatments that are requested include:

Frequently Asked Question: How much do treatments cost in Thailand?

Answer: When comparing to the best specialists in your home country, prices for surgery in Thailand is generally 30 to 75% cheaper than that of Australia,England and The USA. Often times the entire medical vacation + hotels + airfare +shopping is cheaper than just the treatment in your home!

Why choose when you can have it all in Thailand!

Frequently Asked Question: How do I Apply For Treatment?

Answer: Thai Medical Vacation registers you into the hospital for your procedure after you have returned your completed Registration Form & Disclaimer with your Registration deposit.

Frequently Asked Question: What happens after my Procedure?

Answer: The costs will really depend on your needs. We offer surgical and non-surgical alternative surgeries that will eliminate the need and cost of overnight hospital stays.

Frequently Asked Question : What happens if I have any complications from my surgery?

Answer: Risk in an inherent part of any medical surgery. To mitigate any risks TMV only works with the best of the best in medical care. Our doctors stand behind their work and will work with your home country primary care physician to make sure your health remains priority number 1. We have not ever had a case that required additional assistance but will take any means necessary to provide adequate resolutions.

Frequently Asked Question : Can Thai Medical Vacations (TMV) arrange fun tours or day trips around Phuket and Bangkok?

Answer: We recommend scheduling any “funtimes”,water sport activities prior to having any surgery. Depending on the procedure and treatments, our clients may be able to go on a fun excursion after treatments. TMV can arrange any additional activities upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions: What type of clothing should I bring to Thailand?

Answer: Thailand has a very tropical climate and is generally pretty warm throughout the year. Phuket and Bangkok are great for shopping so many clients bring lose and light clothing and then buy what they need when they arrive. Bring T-shirts, long or short-sleeved shirts,jeans or shorts and perhaps something ‘dressy’ for a night out, And don’t forget to bring your sun block!

Question: Is liposuction risky?

Answer: Every surgery carries risks. In liposuction, minor complications such as bleeding and infections can be prevented with a good doctor,thorough blood work and performing the operation in a proper sterile environment.

Question: What languages do they speak at the Thai hospitals?

Answer: All of our accredited medical service partners are required to have an English speaking person during all stages of treatment pricess, including administrative personnel, nurses and doctors.

Question: Why should I pay for something If i can get through Insurance? Do you accept Insurance?

Answer:  Your insurance or existing medical plans may cover the procedures in Thailand. If there is a lengthy wait list in your home country or the Thailand alternative is cheaper.

Question: Will I need a Passport and Visa?

Answer: You will need a valid passport to enter Thailand. You may also need a visa to Thailand if you intend to stay more than 30 days. Some countries do not require visas in advance and will be issues on arrival.

Question: How can I help the doctor provide an accurate assessment of my needs?

Answer: The more information the Thai Doctor knows about you, the better job she or he can do for you. We strongly suggest you provide us a legible photos and details of your current medical history including height (inches or centimeters), weight (pounds or kilograms), age, and gender, along with other relevant  medical history of any operations you have had in the past.

Frequently Asked Question: Am I Covered for A Thai Medical Vacation Under My Current Insurance Plan?

Answer: Medical and dental tourism to Thailand is a relatively complex issues that some insurance companies are trying to figure out. Generally self-funded medical plans are the best to use for treatments in Thailand.