Weight loss Surgery in Thailand

Are you considering having weight loss surgery in Thailand ? Thai medical is pleased to offer simple yet effective weight loss solutions such as minimally invasive gastric banding “Lap Band” ,gastric sleeve, or laparoscopic gastric banding at a fraction of the cost you would find back home.



High quality, and affordable Weight Loss Thailand surgery is now within everyone’s reach.

TMV provides you with the most affordable highest quality medical facilities for weight loss Thailand. Treatments for holistic recovery and rehabilitation are also available by utilizing some world-class hospitals and top bariatric surgeons in Thailand that specialize in  minimally invasive methods of weight loss that enable a much faster recovery with lesser post-operative discomfort.

Thai Medical Vacation arranges can arrange all of the logistics such as appointments, translations, pre and post surgical needs for your weight loss Thailand surgery. TMV has an accredited & approved network of the best world-class facilities in Thailand. TMV provides easy access to select group of internationally renowned surgeons that have performed over 3500 lap band surgeries and gastric bypass surgeries every year. Our custom packages combine low cost treatments with high quality service and convenience.


Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Thailand Surgery?

You may be a qualified candidate for weight loss Thailand surgery if you currently have the following:

  • A BMI or body mass index of 30 or more or if your are 100 pounds or 50 kilos overweight for men and about 80 pounds or 40 kilos for women
  • You will also need to have an understanding of the weight loss Thailand operation and the serious lifestyle changes that need to occur post surgery.

Is Weight Loss Thailand Surgery for You?

Weight loss Thailand is the best solution for people who still remain severely obese even after trying non-surgical techniques such as dieting and medications, or for those who may have an underlying disease related to their obesity. Anyone who is thinking about undergoing weight loss Thailand surgery should understand what it truly involves. Honest Answers to some of the  following questions may help you decide if weight loss surgery Thailand is right for you.

Are you currently:

  • Unlikely to lose the weight or keep the weight off over the long-term with non-surgical measures like dieting and medicine?
  • Are you well informed about your surgical options and the overall effects of the weight loss Thailand surgery?
  • Are You Determined to lose weight now and improve your health for the long term?
  • Are you aware of the many ways your life will change after your weightloss Thailand operation? minor adjustment of the operation include needing to chew more often than normal and the inability to have large meals anymore.

Please Remember: Success with weight loss Thailand is possible only with your maximum cooperation and 100% commitment to lose weight permanently. The medical follow-ups and commitment to healthy lifestyle must be commitment for life.

Why Choose Weight loss Thailand surgery?

  • Thailand has Internationally renowned and globally accredited hospitals
  • Thailand has State-of-the-Art Equipment and technology unlike anywhere.
  • Weight loss Thailand costs a fraction of what you would pay in the America, Australia or Europe.
  • Thailand has very experienced world class doctors that have performed well over 3500 weight loss Thailand surgeries every year
  • All medical devices used in Thailand are top quality and exactly what you would find in Australia, US or Europe.
  • The amazing personal care in Thailand from doctors and the nurses and staff will far exceed all your expectations.
  • There are no waiting times with weight loss Thailand and all procedures are tax free
  • The hospital room in Thailand are more luxury hotel suite than a medical facility.

Weight loss Thailand procedures include:

  • Advanced Minimal Access Metabolic & Bariatric surgery in Thailand
  • Sleeve Gastroctomy in Thailand
  • Lap Gastric Banding in Thailand
  • Lap Gastric Bypass in Thailand
  • Billipancreatic Diversion in Thailand
  • Duodenal Switch in Thailand
  • Fundoplication for gastro-esophageal reflux disease in Thailand
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Thailand
  • Custom Weightloss programs in Thailand
  • Zeltiq Coolsculpt Liposuction in Thailand
  • Traditional Liposuction in Thailand or Tumescant Liposuction in Thailand
  • LipoSelection via Vaser & Vaser Hi Def or the latest Vaser HD in Thailand and Vaser Thailand
  • Smart Lipo Thailand or Laser Liposis in Thailand

TMV is on your side and we will be your partner in obtaining all pertinent information including doctor and clinic details and treatment specifics. TMV  will help you select the BEST choice for Liposuction Thailand  and only with a top-tier trusted plastic surgeon who has performed 1000’s of successful weight loss Thailand treatments.

Why Thai Medical Vacation?

We are the most trusted medical tours facilitator in Thailand and we will guide you each and every step of your trip. Thai Medical Vacation will only collaborates with the BEST hospitals and bariatric doctors in Thailand and we offer our assistance at absolutely no extra cost to our clients.

Unfortunately not everyone is approved for the weightloss Thailand  treatments. The doctors will only select patients whom they believe will benefit from the weight loss Thailand Treatment. We need to assess your current medical condition accurately before offering any treatment solutions and guaranteed prices. ALL Our clients receive priority scheduling for all their appointments,Hotels and outings. We also offer Thailand Vacation Packages including luxury accommodations, door to door transportation and day excursions in Bangkok & Phuket are also available upon request.Other Popular treatments performed with weightloss surgery in Thailand include breast reduction Thailand and male breast reduction Thailand surgery

Start Weight loss Thailand Treatment Now:

You will be contacted within 24 hours by our Patient Care Coordinator who will tell you about costs, benefits, travel details, and other necessary information.  You will need to get your medical records together so the doctor may review them to see if you can benefit from this treatment. This is without any charge.

The Weight loss Thailand surgery will require a minimum of 7-10 days stay in Thailand. After that initial recovery time you’ll get a chance to get back to your normal routines and life and enjoy the rest of your weightloss surgery trip to Thailand.

“Shape your Dreams into Reality with Thai Medical.”


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