Lip Enhancement Surgery in Thailand

Lip Augmentations are also known as Lip lifts or Lip Enhancement. Lip Lifts can help turn back the clock and counteract the nasty effects of aging on your lips or otherwise naturally thin lips. As we get older, our skin tends to becomes loose and a little lax, especially the thin areas between your nose and upper lips. When this loosing occurs, our upper lips become even thinner and often begin to show the pink areas called “vermillion”. This extra thin skin area can also sometimes cover our teeth not allowing us the  smiles we are used to.

Having lip Augmentation in Thailand can help to remove some of this undesired excess skin and then reshape the smile by pulling the lips to a much higher position allowing greater exposure of the pink vermillion area. Lip Lifts are often combined with other cosmetic surgeries procedures like such as Botox or other injectable fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane.  Lip Augmentations can easily help restore your long-lost pucker on your aging lips or simply just enhance your naturally thin lips with the top cosmetic surgeons in Thailand. Our doctors can also use Injections of natural fat or cell assisted lipotransfer taken via liposuctions, such as Vaser or SMART Lipo from other areas of your body and transfer the fat to your lips to be used in the lip augmentation procedure

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Lip Lifts

Lip lifting Surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis using mild local anesthesia. The treatment normally takes between one and two hours to perform depending on the amount of work desired and the total extent of the surgery. There are several variations we offer in Thailand. The correct method for your specific needs can only be determined after one of our accredited and certified plastic surgeons can review your pictures and medical history. Your surgeon will take into account your desired aesthetic goals, examine the anatomy of your lips and make some recommendations.

The basically two main types of lip lift surgeries. The are known as:

  • Gull wing lip lift 
  • Bull horn lip lift

Lip-Lift-thailand-Incision-overviewWith the bull’s horn lip lift, our surgeon first creates a small incision just under your nose. The incision is tiny and therefore the resulting scars will be virtually invisible using the bull’s horn lip surgery. The Incision points and subsequent risks of any scarring will generally vary depending on your anatomical features and skin type. Our surgeons then removes a small strip of skin known as a Cupid’s bow that mimics the curve of your upper lips and then he raises your upper lip to the new position before finally closing the tiny incision points.


The gull-wing lip lifts differ as they remove a strip of skin above the border of your upper lip that is “M-shaped”. The strip is very near where the vermillion meets your facial skin. The gull-wing lip enhancement surgery is not quite as popular as the bull’s horn lip lift because the gull-wing technique may increase the risk of having telltale scars.

Before and After Pictures Lip Enhancement in Thailand




Surgery Recovery Time

Most people will experience slight swelling for the first few days after your lip lift surgery. Any discomforts can be alleviated with painkillers that the doctor will prescribe after your surgery. The stitches are typically removed within 6-7 days after your lip enhancement surgery Thailand. Most patients return home on the 7th day after surgery.

Cost of Lip Augmentation in Thailand

Each person is different and has different needs, but generally speaking a lip lift is a pretty standard and non-complicated augmentation. Prices for Lip makeover surgery generally starts at about $700 Dollars and up depending on the technique and scope of work needed. Our prices are fixed and include everything medically related to your medical treatment. Thai Medical also offers all-inclusive promotional packages that include everything you need for your lip enhancement holiday to Thailand. To learn more please contact us today.

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