Laser Tooth Whitening in Thailand

Having a nice smile with bright & white teeth have become a norm in modern and for good reason. Have a big beautiful smile is usually associated with those with good hygiene and self-confidence. This “norm” however was not always the case.  Nature did not intend on keeping our teeth pure white. Just a few decades ago young adults and children were the only ones capable of maintaining nice white teeth. Like the graying of the hair, yellowing of the teeth were just accepted in society as part of the normal aging process. Those days are long gone.

Change your smile in 1 Day with Teeth Whitening in Thailand. Improve the brightness of your teeth naturally and as much as 3-8 shades lighter in less than 1 hour in Bangkok or Phuket.

Zoom2 Laser Video

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Teeth Whitening Thailand

Teeth Whitening in Thailand

Pop-culture, and the media helped to paint the pictures of visually-flawless teeth that have forever changed the “norms” of smiles. Thai dental vacations offers many minimally invasive dental treatments in Bangkok and Phuket for our international clients looking to fix discolored teeth in less than 1 hour in Thailand.


Choices for Teeth Whitening

1 Hour Laser Whitening with CoolLight Laser. The results of the Coollaser teeth whitening system take less than 1 hour and can make your teeth 2 to 4 shades whiter! The safe and quick laser whitening treatment uses a special gel that gets applied on your teeth, then activated using the “coollight” dental laser. This laser light activates the special gel on your teeth to begin removing the layers of stains allowing your teeth to whiten effortlessly, allowing you to have a brighter smile that you can’t want to show off!


This is so much Fun!

NEW Zoom 2 Laser Dental Whitening. Thai Dental is proud to offer the latest Zoom2 dental System in Thailand. Zoom2 works similar to the cool laser system but has a proprietary Zoom whitening gel that is made up of almost 35% hydrogen peroxide formula. Due to the nature of hydrogen peroxide the oxygen can penetrate your tooth’s dentin and enamel layer to help eliminate discolorations and lighten your teeth.  The patented Zoom2 laser is very safe and gentle on your teeth and takes less than 1 hour in total. The Zoom 2 treatments begin with a deep teeth cleaning followed by a 45-minute Zoom2 bleaching session. With the Zoom2 Laser Teeth Whitening System, your teeth can be whitened as many as 8 shades lighter and 50% more than any other light activated dental whitening system on the market. The Zoom2 procedure causes virtually no pain or discomfort.  Clients with extremely sensitive teeth are advised to prepare for the dental laser by fortifying the dentin layers 1 or 2 weeks before and after treatment using toothpaste enriched with fluoride.


  • Take Home Dental Bleaching Kits are offered starting at only 5,500 Baht
  • Extra Strength Package: Home Bleaching Kit + CoolLight Laser : Looking for more a aggressive whitening solution? Our Bleach + Laser Packages start at 8,500 Baht or about 190 Euros.

To learn more about having laser teeth whitening in Thailand please contact us today.

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