Minimally Invasive Liposuction in Thailand

Liposuction is the quickest and most effective cosmetic weightloss procedure on the market today. Used now for over 20 years,Minimally invasive Liposuction can you eliminate your stubborn body fat that has not gone away despite vigorous exercises and dieting programs. Liposuction techniques today are light years ahead of the early lipo techniques. Unfortunately, these new options can be slightly overwhelming at first, especially due to the technical names used such as Tumescent, Vaser,Water Assisted Liposuction,Laser Smart Lipo,BodyTite RFAL,Acculift,Lipoplasty, ,LipoSelection and CoolSculpting just to name a few.

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Types of Liposuction We Offer

Some commonly used lipo techniques we offer in Thailand include:

  • Tumescent or Traditional Lipo (oldest-no longer used or recommended my Thai Medical)
  • Lipo Selection Using VASER or VASER HiDef (fat reduction larger areas)
  • Laser Liposis  SMART Lipo in Thailand  (fat reduction small areas)
  • BodyTite Lipo in ThailandNEW– (Fat reduction + Skin tightening)
  • Cryo Lipolysis or COOLSculpting “Freeze Lipo” (100% non-surgical Lipo)

Tumescent Liposuction


Tumescent lipo was the world’s first surgical method for Liposuction. Tumescent is not a very popular option anymore due to much less invasive options such as Vaser and BodyTite.  We advise you stay away from Tumescent Lipo as there are much better/less expensive/less invasive options available today.

VASER Hi Def Liposelection – Vaser HiDef

Lipo Selection using Vaser is also marketed around the world as VASER or the much more detailed oriented VASER Hi Def. VASER Lipo works by utilizing Ultrasonic Liposuction or “UAL” to quickly remove fatty tissues. VASER liposuction offers drastically higher  levels of precision and  safety when compared to tumescent “traditional” liposuction. Vaser and Vaser HiDef work effectively by only destroying fat cells leaving surrounding areas of blood vessels and nerves unharmed. The treatment used safe Ultrasonic sound beams to emulsify your fat. The emulsified (destroyed) fat is then removed immediately usually micro cannulae suction wands. Vaser Hi Def goes one step further than regular vaser by allowing the doctor to “carve” or “sculpt” fat to produce astonishing results such as the “instant 6 pack” in men and 2 pack in women.


VASER High Def liposuction is currently only offered in Bangkok. HiDef allows properly trained cosmetic lipo surgeons in Bangkok the ability to instantly carve or etch the fat to allow instant definition in areas such as chest, abs, butt, chin, legs and back.

More About Vaser

SMART Lipo in Thailand

Smartlipo is also called Laser Liposis. The SMART technology utilizes laser based liposuction for smaller areas on the body such as for facial liposuction. The treatment works similar to Vaser but uses heated fibers to melt the fat then get removed using a mico-cannulae. Smart laser lipo also offer other benefits such as less downtime,bleeding, and bruising when compared to older technology such as Tumescent LipoSmart Lipo in Thailand can also be done under local or general anesthesia to reduce any additional risks of side effects. Smart laserlipo is currently around the world as an alternative to Lipo Dissolve or VelaShape treatments.



About SMART Lipo

**NEW Bodytite RFAL Liposuction – Melt Fat & Shrink Skin

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