Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in Thailand

A new study is bringing more evidence that weight-loss surgery in Thailand can erase significantly the risk for diseases such as heart disease hearts for young and middle-aged men and women around the world. The reluctance of most public health systems around the world and health insurance companies lack of  funding weight loss surgeries means that more clients are looking for a solution to reduce the fat and high costs of obesity surgery by traveling to Bangkok or Phuket for a weight loss surgery vacation. There are many popular Weight loss surgeries on the market today such as the Lap Band surgery, RnY Technique and Gastric Sleeve surgery.  Thai Medical offers surgical and minimally invasive liposuction options for medical tourists coming to Thailand to achieve rapid body transformation when all other weight loss efforts have failedThai Medical helps our clients from America,Australia and Europe find the  best hospitals in Thailand that offer safe and affordable surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions and treatments. The TMV approved treatments are designed for holistic recovery and easy rehabilitation in a minimally invasive manner of rapid weight loss that enables you to have a much faster recovery with significantly less postoperative discomfort.

Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

Thai Medical offers several options for losing weight but the two most popular weight loss surgeries in Thailand are known as malabsorptive restrictive and restrictive surgeries. Each type of bariatric surgery helps patients lose weight in a different way. The most popular or the two is called “Restrictive Surgery” Restrictive surgeries work by restricting the overall size of your stomach that results in slowing down of the digestion process thus shedding weight. A normal human stomach is said to hold 2-4 pints of food. After restrictive surgery however the stomach may be limited to only an ounce. The theory behind the surgery is that the smaller your stomach, the less you will have to eat. The less a person eats the more weight they will lose. The other type of surgery is known as Malabsorptive Restrictive surgery. Malabsorptive surgeries is a slightly more-invasive surgery that works by restricting the overall size of the stomach and also surgically removing parts of your stomachs digestive tract. This type of surgery makes it much harder for you to digest and absorb additional calories thus reducing your weight.

Lap band Surgery vs Gastric Sleeve vs Liposuction

bariatric-weight-loss-surgery-thailandAccording to the American Obesity Association, the most effective treatment for morbid obesity is bariatric surgery. Surgical options for obesity surgery include the gastric band, gastric bypass, RnY Surgery,mini-gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery. The decision to have surgery should not be taken lightly, please take extra care to thoroughly understand the pros and cons of each surgical technique. We can also help you talk to a doctor in Thailand that specializes in surgical weight reduction to find the method that is suited for you. Most important is choosing a surgery that will help to keep the weight off, not just for a little while, but forever. Your fat can also be your friend. Fat lipotransfers can even be used in other cosmetic surgeries in Thailand to resurface you face with the non-surgical face lift or enlarge the breasts with the stem cell breast augmentation.

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Gastric Sleeve and Bypass Technique

gastric bypass sugery thailandGastric bypass surgery makes up of nearly 75% of all weight loss surgeries in Thailand and works by combining both malabsorptive restrictive approaches. Gastric bypass surgery in Thailand can be performed via minimally invasive surgery or as an open surgery. The gastric surgeon in Thailand technique works by dividing your stomach area into two separate areas, and then sealing the lower and upper sections from each other. The Thai surgeon will then connects your upper stomach area directly to your lower small intestine, Essentially creating a shortcut for your food to “bypass” a section of your stomach. The gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand uses a laparoscope to aid in the removal of about 65%-80% of your stomach. The remaining area becomes a narrow tube like a “sleeve”. This sleeve connects directly to the lower intestines. A sleeve gastrectomy is usually the first in a sequence of weightloss surgeries and usually followed up by a biliopancreatic diversion surgery or gastric bypass that results in much greater weight loss.The gastric sleeve surgery is an temporary measure to help obese clients lose weight temporarily till the point in time when a more definitive surgery can be performed.

Bariatric Surgeon Doctor Reviews in Thailand


Gastric band surgery in Thailand is considered the least invasive weight loss surgery. This bariatric surgery works by using an inflatable band to squeeze your stomach into two separate sections, a large lower section and a small upper pouch. These two sections will still remain connected, but the area between the two is very small. This small tube helps slow down the hungry feeling you get by emptying the upper pouch. Gastric band weight loss surgery can physically restrict the total amount of food you can consume in any meal. This often results in people only eating half to one third of food they normally eat before feeling full.

Weightloss Surgery in Thailand Before & After Pictures

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fatloss surgery bangkok thailand before and after

weightloss surgery Rny Gastric Sleeve Lapband before after thailand

After Bariatric Surgery Care

Having any type of weight loss surgery requires commitment to change poor eating habits. Weightloss surgery and/or Modern Liposuction such as Bodytite or Vaser can give you a fantastic jump start but ultimately, you must embrace a new lifestyle that consists of low amounts sugars and carbs in your diet. In the case of gastric band surgery and gastric sleeve surgery, such a diet is critical because these types of high carb/sugar foods can pass easily through the digestive restrictions, thus delivering a very high calorie doses to your intestines. This even would essentially defeat the purpose of having weight loss surgery. If these mandatory guidelines are not followed by you after surgery,the lost weight may be easily regained.

Weightloss Surgery Prices in Thailand

Consulting a bariatric surgeon in Bangkok or Phuket before you arrive can be very helpful when trying decide which weight loss surgery in Thailand is best for you. For someone struggling with weight loss, the question isn’t “should I have surgery?” but instead, “when should i take a weight loss surgery vacation to Thailand?”  Actual Prices and seasonal promotions for having bariatric surgery in Thailand can vary drastically depending on what surgeon, hospital or technique is used. We can provide you with actual prices and package promotions once our bariatric surgeons can understand your current medical condition (medical history),along with your Body mass Index (BMI), and also some pictures so we can get proper recommendations for treatments and prices.  Researching all your options is a crucial steps that will help you make your weightloss dreams into a reality.

For more information along with actual prices about the various Thailand vacation packages, bariatric weightloss surgery solutions and alternative treatments such as liposuction please contact us. Our weight loss solutions such as: RnY surgery,Lapband or the gastric Sleeve surgery is available in Phuket or Bangkok Thailand so to get started please contact us today.

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