Thigh Lifts and Thighplasty Surgery

Unsightly dimpled thighs or “cottage cheese thighs” are often the bane of many women and mens existence. Fortunately, Thai Medical has a solution to get rid of those unsightly marks. Often referred to as Thighplasty, this procedure can easily and quickly reduce any excess fat and skin in and on your thighs and knees areas. Our approved thigh lift surgery can help you finally having a tight,redefined, and taut thigh and skin that will look fantastic in your mini-skirts,skinny jeans and bathing suits.

The modern and extremely affordable surgery aims to create and redefine thighs that are disproportionate to your body such as the abs, buttocks and/or legs. Ideally, your trunk and/or outer thighs should form an hour glass shape and indent slightly toward your waist, with a smooth outward shape curve to your outer thighs. If standing from the back, your thighs should have a well-defined fold and stand apart from your buttocks. If standing from the front, your thighs should look smooth and should be able to showcase your underlying muscles. Your inner and outer thighs should also be flat and firm.

Women and men who currently have flabby,saggy and/or dimpled loose skin and tissue on their thighs will be good candidates for Thighplasty or other body contouring procedure. Many clients who have recently lost large amounts of weight recently after bariatric surgery, Bodytite Liposuction or bodylifts will also benefit greatly from having thigh uplift surgery to quickly and easily get rid of any excess flab and fat in this region.


Types of  Lifts We Offer

There are actually a number of different types of Thigh Lifting techniques we offer depending on any specific areas that needing treatment. The actual technique that is appropriate for you will often be determined by one of our Thighplasty experts after an online consultation and examination of pictures of the areas you want treated

inner-Thigh-Lift-thailandInner Thigh Lift

The inner thigh lift generally targets the delicate skin in and around your inner thighs. This procedure is very popular with clients who are currently dealing with significant sagging skin due to the aging process or recent weight loss. The incisions for the inner thigh lift Thailand are usually made near your groin area so that they can easily be hidden behind your bathing suits or underwear. Often times use can lift the inner thighs easily using advanced liposuction techniques such as Vaser, Laser SMART liposuction or coolsculpting lipo. Some very minor inner thigh touch ups can also be made using Ultherapy or Thermage CPT.

medial-Thigh-Lift-thailandMedial Lift

The Medial Thigh Lift helps to address your loose skin on the upper part of your inner thighs. The incision for Medial thigh lifts usually runs from your groin area near the inside of your leg to the initial crease of your buttocks. This variety of thigh surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.

lateral-Thigh-Lift-thailandBilateral Lifts

A bilateral lift looks to target the outside of your thighs to the front of your thighs. The incisions for Bilateral Thigh Lifts are usually made near the top of your leg while the plastic surgeon follows the line of your underwear or bathing suits to ensure that the scars will be hidden from plain view.A bilateral thigh lift is often combined with the aforementioned liposuction solutions to achieve the best results possible. An ethnic surgery such as buttock augmentation or brazilian butt lift may also be used if requested to amplify the positive results.

Surgical Procedure and Recovery

Your chosen doctor will perform a medical evaluation prior to the actual surgery. During this evaluation you will be provided with….

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