UPDATED October 11, 2017 – Thai Medical Tours provide several types of hand surgery options in Bangkok to correct certain hand conditions or its cosmetic appearance.  The most common problems that may be treated with hand surgery are carpal tunnel syndrome, congenital defects, rheumatoid arthritis, Dupuytren’s contracture, and hand injuries.

Hand Surgeries in Thailand

Two of the most common procedures are skin grafts and skin flaps.  The former is to replace missing skin surface, while the latter is a complex version of the graft wherein the replacement skin is sectioned to include the underlying fat, muscles, and even blood vessels.

When the hand injury already involves a fractured bone, the procedure used is called closed reduction and fixation.  The purpose is to realign the fractured part.  The area must be immobilized for healing to completely occur.

Tendon Repair

Tendon repair is necessary in cases of hand injury.  The three classifications of tendon repair are as follows:

  • Primary repair
  • Delayed primary
  • Secondary tendon repair

The primary type refers to a repair that is done within 24 hours of injury as in the case of immediate surgical corrections.  Delayed primary repair is the procedure performed days after the onset of the injury with an open wound present.  Secondary repairs are those performed by our board certified hand surgeons in Thailand weeks following the hand injury and may involve tendon grafts wherein tendon from other body areas is harvested to replace a damaged tendon.

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Nerve Repair

There are three nerves responsible for hand sensation and movement, and these include the ulnar, median, and radial nerves.  Any damage to any of these nerves decreases the hand’s mobility and sensory perception.  Although some nerve damages are self-healing, more serious injuries may require surgery.  Severed nerves need to be repaired either through a nerve graft or by simply re-attaching it.

Surgical Debridement and Drainage in Thailand

These procedures become necessary in more serious cases where there is presence of hand infections or abscess.  Debridement is the cleansing of the wound, while drainage may require a small incision to drain out pus.  These are performed immediately to prevent the infection from spreading further and to promote fast and proper healing.

Cosmetic Hand Rejuvenation

Thai Medical also offers cosmetic Hand rejuvenation including the stem cell hand makeover (similar to the stem cell facelift and CAL breast Enhancement), along with include chemical peels, rhytidectomyUlthera, Thermage & fat grafting to the hand.


Arthroplasty Surgery in Thailand

This procedure is also referred to as joint replacement surgery, and is suggested for people suffering from severe arthritis.  This degenerative disease eventually causes damage to joints, which need to be replaced by an artificial one (plastic, metal, or silicone rubber).  If feasible, the patient’s own tendon may be used as replacement. Alternatives for Arthoplasty include stem cell therapy for arthritis, Hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery.


Risks of Surgery

The most common risks of hand surgery are infection, incomplete or improper healing, blood clot formation, and loss of sensation and mobility of the fingers or the hand itself.  However, these risks vary and may differ from one patient to another.  It also depends upon the body’s healing process and overall health.

The Road to Recovery

The length of time required in Thailand will depend on the exact treatment that you are seeking. Its critical that your hand to remain immobilized depends upon the type of surgery involved.  Patients can return to regular hand duties once they feel comfortable doing them and the wounds have completely healed. We typically recommend coming to Bangkok for a 1 or 2 week medical holiday to ensure proper recovery time and followup visits with our orthopedic surgeons.

Since a lot of movements rely upon the hands, our surgeon will require you to undergo rehabilitative physical and occupational therapy to ensure optimum restoration of function.  In any event that you need a thorough evaluation of your hands and you feel some symptoms, contact our treatment centers so that your condition may be immediately treated.

To learn more about Hand and Wrist Surgery solutions in Bangkok or Phuket Thailand please contact us today.