Breast Reduction Surgery in Thailand


Breast Reduction Surgery

Over-sized breasts are a serious health concern. This condition is medically referred to as breast hypertrophy. Breast hypertrophy occurs in both breasts and will usually occur around puberty.

Breast Reduction Surgery may also necessary when the breasts become enlarged during pregnancy but don’t revert back to the original sizes. Although this is very rare there are cases of a sudden breast enlargement without reason. Thai Medica provides high quality medical solutions for breast reduction that can help you treat this painful condition from the best doctors for an affordable price.

Ideal Candidates for Reduction Mammoplasty

breast-reduction-bangkokGenerally the best candidates for having surgery are  otherwise well adjusted women who just have larger than normal breasts that are causing any health and medical issues, interferes with routine life activities,have unnecessary self-consciousness reasons or disrupts normal sleep habits.  TMV can provide you with direct access to the top cosmetic surgeons in Thailand for your breast reduction surgery trip to Phuket or Bangkok, and provide complete details about how your breast reduction surgery will be performed with expected outcomes and benefits of reduction mammoplasty in surgery.

Reduction Techniques We Offer

 Reduction surgery is performed under GA or general anesthesia. The doctor will mark directly on your breasts before the breast reduction surgery. These initial markings are the outline for the desired shape and position and will serve as the overall guides for the incisions. The initial marker drawings act as an anchor. The initial marks will extend below your nipple area and even extend horizontally along the crease of your breasts.

The surgeon will then carefully trim, lift and shape your skin, fat and/or glandular tissues during your breast reduction surgery in Bangkok or Phuket. The nipples can thenBreast-Reduction-Phuket be sometimes moved to a slightly higher position for a balanced and natural looking chest.

Nipple surgery can also help reduce the areolas for a more balanced look. Breast augmentation surgery often consists of having  breast implants or a breast lift  using stem cell breast enhancement to help quickly raise your breasts and make them more firm. Finally, our breast reduction surgeon closes the small incisions to finalize and reshape your new smaller breasts. There usually are some very minor scars that tend to fade over time. Some ethnic clients looking for plastic surgery can also accomplish having breast reductions through simple  liposuction such as Vaser, Smart Lipo or the latest BodyTite Liposuction since only the fat needed to be removed.

Aftercare & Recovery Post Reduction Surgery

Your breasts will be a slightly sore, bruised or swollen after surgery. Your doctor may also prescribe you some pain meds to help with any pains or discomfort. You should plan on wearing a compression garment for at-least two days after your reduction

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