Why Thailand?

Imagine getting that much needed hip replacement procedure the day after arriving (it can take a year or more of waiting for the same procedure in Britain and Canada) Now imagine getting that procedure and spending your recovery time in an exotic locale, with 5-star accommodations and a friend that will plan everything from your doctor visits to tour tickets, spa and massage treatments etc. Welcome to one of the many reason why Thailand !

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Why Medical Care In Thailand?

Since 2004, one of Thailand’s main initiatives was a plan to make Thailand a “medical hub” by using government money and resources to promote a state of the art private healthcare system that would be attractive to foreign patients. The plan has worked, bringing in an estimated 50 billion baht ($1.6B Dollars) per year. Thailand has been a popular destination for Americans seeking proven high quality low cost procedures, Canadians and Brits looking to cut wait times, or Middle Eastern patients shunned by Post 9/11 visa restrictions that has kept many in the region from traveling West for critical and elective care is another reason why Thailand is a popular destination

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Why Thailand is a Leader in Advanced Healthcare

According to the Public Health Ministry, Thailand is a global leader in medical tours because of the high quality of care and affordable prices:

  • Heart valve replacement in Thailand costs a mere $10,000 compared to $160,000 in the US
  • Heart bypass surgery costs $11,000 as compared with $130,000 in the US. This is why Thailand had over 20,000 heart treatments last year alone
  • orthopedic joint surgery such as hip replacement and artificial knee replacement start at about $8500 dollars respectively, in Thailand, While in the United States they cost roughly four times as much – $43,000 and $40,000.

The low cost of surgeries in Thailand combined with the accredited high standard of service that the top private hospitals offer – foreign trained doctors, state of the art equipment and nurse and doctor to patient ratios much closer to 1:1 (unlike Western hospitals) is why Thailand has not only caught the attention of uninsured Americans, but also the insurance companies who cover the other 250 million and who are desperately attempting to cut costs while maintaining quality. Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina currently covers major procedures at an internationally run hospital in Bangkok for its 15 million customers, and Florida based United Group Programs, a small business insurance provider, also has deals in place with Thai Hospitals to provide health care services. In addition, the West Virginia and Colorado state legislatures are currently considering bills, which would provide incentives for state employees to travel to Thailand for medical care.


There is absolutely no sacrifice in quality when it comes to the lower costs of healthcare in Thailand. Like any other GE, NEC, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Sony or Hitachi product, the latest cutting edge medical technologies & equipment are available in Thailand. Thailand also has a very large retired expatriate community from North America and Europe that receive medical care from hundreds of private hospitals throughout the country.

Our exclusive list of accredited & approved solution providers is another reason why Thailand has a competitive edge over other healthcare providers around the world mainly because the labor, equipment, litigation and malpractice costs are significantly lower. Cost savings vary by procedure, physician and country. At times, savings can be as high as 80% compared to the same procedure in the US. With prices so low, 75% of foreign patients chose to pay in cash thereby further reducing the cost of processing insurance claims and further helping to keep costs down.


 For many clients having a procedure abroad also provides them the opportunity to tour and stake in the local culture. This can be done either prior to the procedure or afterwards, depending on what medical treatment is being sought. The medical treatment and recovery are always THE priority and these excursions are an added benefit. Thailand is well known for the generous hospitality of its service minded population, which is why the country is often referred to as “The Land of Smiles.”

why Thailand

Come discover for yourself why in 2014 over 1.9 million medical tourists choose Thailand as the preeminent destination of choice.

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