The NEW MSc Enriched Stem Cell Face-Lift is also known as:

  • Non-Invasive Facelift
  • CAL Face Lift
  • Face lift without Surgery

Stemcell facelifts are new scientific breakthrough and Thai Medical is proud to offer Genuine CAL Facelift exclusively in Bangkok Thailand. CAL or “Cell Assisted Lipotransfer” utilizes advanced medical technologies of cell regeneration to bring us one step closer to the elusive “Fountain of Youth”. Thailand is one of the few countries on the planet that allows therapeutic cellular expansion/growth in a private stem cell lab. Other countries like the US, Australia and UK do not currently allow the expansion of stem cell and expanded/manipulated cells are considered as drug manufacturing thereby banned by the FDA in those countries. Without cell expansion a treatment becomes simple fat grafting that takes fat and stem cells from your stomach and re injects them back into the face without any additional expansion. This method is simply not as effective as culturing and expanding stem cell face lift protocol that we currently offer.

Non-Surgical Facelift in Thailand | Video

We offer men and women a fantastic chance to improve the tone,tightness,elasticity and health of their face,hands and feet with our approved cosmetic stem cell treatments such as CAL breast enlargement & CAL stem cell face lift. Our surgical theater/operating room is the only closed system lab in Thailand and have innovated upon and improved the no surgery face Lift  to safely and efficiently and restore your youthful appearances naturally by simply using your own fat derived stem cells without the risks of having major facelift operation. Using your own fat stem cells is 100% safe with no chances of any complications or rejection associated with previous embryonic derived stem cells or traditional surgical face lifts.

Cell Enhanced Facelifts Vs Rhytidectomy

Traditional surgical facelifts are usually good to perform once or a maximum of two times in your life. Stem Cell facelifts can be repeated permanently without the added risk of painful surgeries and recovery. By using your own cells from your belly fat we are able to rejuvenate,restore and repair your face, or body into a more youthful, attractive way that is:

Fat + PRP Enriched Cells

For over 25 years now surgeons have used fat grafts from their patients’ body to restore elasticity and fullness while eliminating wrinkles in the face,neck and hands. Stem Cells was first used for reconstruction purposes in treatments such as the cell assisted lipotransfer or CAL breast augmentation after breast cancer mastectomy or after suffering severe burns to the hands and face.


Many patients are also taking advantage today of regenerative medical therapies as a safe and natural alternative to orthopedic treatments for connecting tissue without the need for any expensive surgery and/or unnatural implants.

100% Safe
100% Natural
100% UnDetectable!

Since those early days countless new and innovative applications are being used today to treat everything thing from stem cell hair restoration,stem cells for macular/optical regeneration, stem cells for lip augmentation,thigh lifts,stem cell butt lifts, stem cells for anti-aging and neck or brow lifts.

We do not use Vaser or SMART Lipo Laser Liposuction to Remove fat and Stem Cells as this usually destroys the stem cells making the treatment ineffective.

Our previous experiences with stem cells comes from a more practical and life-saving treatments for many diseases today such as

Your hands and neck area can also be effectively regenerated using your own msc enriched adipose stem cells. Our Cell face lift results are also very long term and eliminates the need for temporary injection of fillers such as Botox,Restylane ,Juvederm,hyaluronic acids, facial and skin care.

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