Ethnic plastic surgery applies and cosmetic alterations for multi-cultural backgrounds seek to assist a particular group of the population comprised of Asians (Japanese,Korean), Hispanics, and African-Americans.  The demand for it has increased nowadays, as the multicultural celebrity boom continues to ignite their curiosity.  Reportedly, of the 19 million cosmetic procedures recorded in 2013, the Hispanic community represents 10% of this number.  Asians comprised 7%, while 8% of the population were African-Americans. The number was a significant increase from the results in 2011 that showed 14.5 million cosmetic procedures around the world.

Rapid Awareness for Ethnic Plastic Surgery Options

Patients with ethnic backgrounds are becoming more aware of the availability of cosmetic procedures that are appropriate for their ethnicity.  To offset the patient demand, the number of surgeons specializing in this field has considerably grown as well.

Although you might have the impression that people with ethnic identities are trying to conceal their ethnicity through plastic surgery, it actually goes the other way around.  People are enhancing it even more, with the motivation coming from their role model figures that they often see in media.  Plastic surgeons are responding by treating their ethnic patients’ identities with utmost respect, highlighting their features that represent their cultural identity.

Celebrity Motivation?

It is an undeniable fact that people have their ideal pegs of how they would want to look like.  In terms of facial aesthetics, there has been a reported surge in African-American patients who present their surgeons with photos of renowned artists such as Vivica Fox and Beyonce Knowles.

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Not that these patients want to look exactly like them; rather, they prefer to highlight some of their features having these faces as prototypes so it would be easy for them to relay exactly what they want.


Another influence comes from none other than the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.  American doctors reported a huge percentage of black and hispanic women used the First Lady’s arms as points of reference in case they’d want arm-lift surgery or liposculpting using Vaser HiDef or ArmTite RFAL Lipo performed on their chest to treat gynecomastia  and arms.  Men also have begun taking full advantage of tricep or tricep defining procedure for those cuts to be visible. Here is a recent testimonial from Steve who came to Thailand for Lipo.

The Most Desired Procedures for Multi-Ethnic Patients

According to a 2012 report, the procedures that were most commonly requested by ethnic patients were vampire lifts, chemical peels, fillers, and Botox.  These are usually non-invasive, and that is actually a huge plus for them.  The newest treatment for all ethnic types and skin colors is the stem cell facelift. Peel and chemicals are not always idea for darker patients. Due to higher levels of melatonin, darker-skinned patients only show signs of aging later in life.  They age gracefully without having to resort to major cosmetic surgical intervention.  Therefore, with promising results with non-invasive procedures, this seems to be the most appropriate treatment that will be of advantage to the ethnic group in terms of results and costs.


Other Specific Ethnic Medical Procedures of Interest

Asians in particular seem to be more interested in korean style facelifts , blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty, as well as stem cell breast augmentationThai Medical also treats many patients from Russian, South Asian, Hispanic and Arab / Middle Eastern descent who are mostly inclined towards liposuction and breast augmentation, while our African-American clients usually come to Thailand for tummy tucks, breast reduction, liposuction, and nose surgeries.


Highlighting the features and benefits of ethnic plastic surgery in Thailand requires careful consideration that our surgeons are very capable of performing.  Our approved and accredited cosmetic surgery hospitals and private cosmetic surgery clinics in Bangkok and Phuket excel in providing the right proportions regardless of race and skin color.  There is equal treatment, and we, at our facility, strive to achieve patient satisfaction – with full respect to any ethnicity.

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