FUE in Thailand – Follicular Unit Extraction

June 14, 2020 – Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is a modern hair restoration technique that “harvests” donor hair in follicular units. FUE can per performed manually or via robotic devices that create small ring-shaped incisions around the follicle tissue then carefully separating the unit from the surrounding tissue. The follicular unit is then extracted from your scalp, leaving behind a tiny hole. The extraction is repeated by our board certified hair doctors until we have harvested enough follicular units for your hair restoration. The procedure requires a very expert hand and can anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on the size and scope of the restoration. Larger areas will require multiple sessions. The donation sites are usually less than .9 mm in size. The donation site will normally take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks to fully heal and will not leave behind obvious scars that are often associated with the strip technique know as FUT. What distinguishes FUE from a conventional Follicular Unit Transplant is the use of thin long hair strips that are carefully dissected into follicular units using a stereomicroscope.


Before your hair grafts are harvested, microscopic recipient points are made in and around the balding areas of your scalp using a very fine needle point device. This process is best performed by hand from a skilled hair surgeon. Follicular units are then carefully placed into the receptor points along with Platelet rich Plasma ( PRP) allowing for the perfect conditions to retain and regrow the transplanted units into new and healthy hair-producing follicles. Our protocol is the only technique in Thailand that combines the creation of new recipient points with PRP and hand extracted follicle units.

The setting of the FUE grafts are basically the same for FUT and FUE processes. The only real difference is in the method of extraction, and the quality and quantity of hair grafts obtained with each technique.

NeoGraft FUE , Robotics & Other Mechanical Implementations for Follicular Unit Extraction

Robotic Follicular Unit Extraction requires a mechanical device to extract and implant.  For some patients, this automatic tool does have its advantages. For others,  our experiences has shown that robotic placements cannot be substituted and will require human touch.  Extracting and implanting follicular units is an art and process results from robotic transplants will be substantially different.

Thai Medicals’ PRP Enriched F.U.E. Hair Restoration protocol used proprietary technology and is done by the hand of our experienced hair surgeons. Robotic Hair Transplantation technique such as NeoGraft, RotoCore,Robotic F.U.E, 3-step Extraction or ARTAS Robotics are alternative options for some. Please contact us to see which technique is right for you.

FUE Hair Grafting Calculator

Thai Medical Hair Transplant Graft Calculator

STEP 1.Select the areas where you would like more hair:
    Areas Selected         # of Grafts         # of Hairs    
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Estimated Total
*Your actual needs will vary depending on your hair characteristics and head size.
STEP 2. Move the slider to your desired graft density
0 = Totally Bald | 25 = Appearance of Hair Re-established | 50 = Appearance of Fullness
*Graft density of 35 grafts per square cm is recommended.Here is what you have selected:

Value of zero is equivalent to complete baldness of an area. Increase of value indicates shift towards appearance of total hairs to full restoration at maximum value.

Baldness: 0 | Recommended Value: 35 | Full Restore: 50

Note: This tool does not replace the need for a thorough virtual consultation with our Hair Specialists.

Advantages of Non-Mechanized F.U.E Micrografting

  • No Scalpel incisions means No Linear Scars!
  • Faster Healing time with our PRP + FUE – as little as 3-5 nights in Bangkok or Phuket
  • No Stitches are Needed
  • State of the art PRP + F.U.E hair restoration technique

Ideal Candidates for Follicular Unit Extraction

Since F.U.E. doesn’t leave behind scars,it may be a better option for those that like to have a short hair style. It also may be better for active people including those involved in strenuous tasks, like athletes. Our technique may also be very useful for men or women who previously had hair restoration using F.U.T or those who reacted badly to the conventional strip method or for those that have an extremely tight hairline or scalp. Our FUE technique


also enables our Hair surgeons to remove hair follicle units from other donation sites besides the scalp, including your torso or beard area. There are however restrictions with this option and not all patients will qualify.

PRP + FUE can also be used to camouflage previous donor scars by taking from a region near the linear donor scar and placing it put into the areas of the scar.

F.U.E.  vs  F.U.T.

Please note that there is no effective non-surgical hair restoration technique. Both FUT and FUE require surgical extraction. F.U.E may be less invasive than F.U.T but both are considered “surgical.”

Generally speaking, the overall harvesting power of F.U.T. via strip is superior to that of F.U.E for two primary reasons.

  1. F.U.T. enables our Thai hair surgeons to isolate only the best grafts / follicle units externally. This advantage can be minimized in some cases using Robotic Unit Extraction.
  2. F.U.T strip harvesting enables our surgeon use healthiest portion in the donor region.

F.U.E benefits include its ability to recreate hairlines and cover any hairless skin including facial hair restoration, eyebrow restoration,beard restoration and goatee restoration. Since there are no linear incisions with F.U.E, patients can generally  resume strenuous activities considerably faster than if using the strip tetechniqueOur F.U.E technique may also be utilized in conjunction with strip technique to increase the total amount of grafts extracted during one session without increasing the size of any strip scar. F.U.E is also very beneficial in its ability to fix scarring from older out-of-date hair transplant operations that were previously performed.

Required Length of Stay for FUE in Thailand

Since F.U.E harvesting requires a considerably larger area compared to FUT technique (about 5x the area) some areas in the donation site must be shaved down. This can present some objections from some patients. F.U.T strip harvesting however does not require shaving down areas as the donor sites can be covered with existing hair,even for patients with large restoration amounts. The total time required in Thailand will depending on the total areas needing coverage. Generally smaller areas can be treated in less than 3 days while larger areas may require multiple sessions over 1 week to be successful.

Cost of FUE with Thai Medical

Currently, F.U.E is the latest invasive hair restoration technology on the market and when combined with PRP offers the most advanced grafting techniques available anywhere today.  The cost of F.U.E. in Bangkok or Phuket will depend entirely on the total number of grafts needed and the total areas covered. To get fixed discounted prices for your FUE hair restoration in Thailand our doctors will need to conduct a virtual consultation using images of your current hair line.

Before and After Pictures




Please note that FUE Micrografting isn’t appropriate or more effective than FUT/Strip for everyone and in all cases. For a no obligation online consultation to find out which technique is right for your please contact us today.