Thai Medical  is proud to offer our clients one of the most advanced and safest stem cell treatments and stem cell banking opportunity on the planet using the powerful and multipurpose MSC Mesenchymal stem cells found in the soft living tissue of wisdom teeth called dental pulp stem cells.

Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells (DPSC) are Adult Stem Cells (ASC) NOT embryonic derived stem cells. DPSC are found in wisdom and baby teeth. Dental Stem cells have shown the ability to differentiate into other vital parts of the human body such as dental tissue,bone,gums, cartilage, teeth and even muscle with new evidence suggesting possible differentiating ability into neural cells.

Dental Pulp Stem Cell Video Overview

DPSCs, also called SHED stem cells cells. These types of cells are derived from deciduous teeth. Dental pulp is the living tissue inside our teeth and are up of cells known as “odontoblasts.” Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells were originally thought to produce odontoblast-like cells and tissue similar to dentin tissue, that normally protects and surrounds the dental pulp.


Recently dental pulp stem cells became used in medical applications as a substitute to bone marrow or cord blood derived stem cells that are needed to treat leukemia or other types of

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