Lasik PRK Surgery in Thailand

LASIK vision correction surgery in Bangkok and Phuket has helped change the lives of thousands medical tourists visiting Thailand every year. The idea of waking up up one morning and actually seeing the alarm clock sounds great doesn’t it? Wouldn’t life be so much better if you weren’t bothered to have to remove contacts every night?  Imagine playing your favorite sport without limitations of goggles or breaking your glasses. Now imagine getting the 20/20 vision you always wanted for 45% less than the price you would pay back home.  Vision correction for less with Custom Wavefront Lasik & PRK Surgery in Thailand is the perfect answer to your vision problems.

Laser Eyesight Correction Surgery in Bangkok Video

Thai Medical Vacation workd with the best mody experienced LASEK eye surgeons including Lasik Doctors in Bangkok and Phuket.We are a trusted medical tours provider and 100% Independent Voice for medical holiday makers from Australia,Canada,Singapore,Hong Kong,United States and England. Our hand selected optical surgeons have successfully performed over 250,000 Lasik procedures combined. TMV can help can make 20/20 dreams a reality in as little as 3 night medical tour to Thailand. In just a few days you can throw away your glasses and never buy contact lens solution ever again!


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