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Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand

Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand is also known as Cosmetic gynecology in Thailand,vaginoplasty Thailand,Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery in Thailand,Cosmetic Vagina Surgery Thailand,vaginal rejuvenation,Designer Vaginas,Designer Labiaplasty,Cosmetic Vulvoplasty and sometimes G-Spot Augmentation are basically all considered female genital surgeries to help improve the look and function of female genitalia. Cosmetic gynecology is a more recent breakthrough in cosmetic surgery Thailand that easily transforms a females genitalia overall appearance to give it a more younger and natural look,feel and function. Reconstructing the vagina is usually carried out to cure existing defects that have resulted from age or childbirth and can instantly improve the confidence and self-esteem of a woman. The trauma caused by Childbearing, aging, and even genetically inherited vaginal irregularities affect both the aesthetic look of the female genitalia. The unsightly condition often creates feelings of being inadequate or different. Cosmetic gynecology and vaginal rejuvenation Thailand can instantly have a positive effect on a females emotions and intimate relationships.

Why Have Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand Surgery – Cosmetic Gynecology in Thailand

Today,More and more women across the planet are coming to Bangkok to have Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand treatments to easily and affordably correct any problems relating to their genitalia and Vulvas such as the look and feel of their Vulva or any sagging in the Labia Majora  or perhaps to cure their elongated Labia Minora that may be causing pain or even embarrassment. Cosmetic Gynecology in Thailand and Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand easily correct these problems.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand Picture- Vaginoplasty Thailand Before After

Designer Labiaplasty Before After- Cosmetic Vulvoplasty Pictures


Vaginoplasty Thailand

Vaginoplasty  Thailand and is Vagina Rejuvenation surgery in Thailand designed to help tighten the inside of your vaginal canal and also the opening of the vaginal cavity. Having Vaginoplasty Thailand surgery can also improve pelvic relaxation and helps repair the vagina after giving birth, tighten the vagina and supporting structures.

TMV medical tours and cosmetic tours to Thailand has found that the vulvar and vaginal issues that most women are self-conscious about can be easily and painlessly addressed with Vaginoplasty Thailand Surgery. Vaginoplasty in Thailand surgery may also greatly improve your sexual function.  G-Spot Augmentation and vaginoplasty Thailand is not a solution for any lack of arousal,interest or orgasmic inadequacy.

Top Reasons to Consider Vaginoplasty Surgery in Thailand

•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand is ideal if you have decreased friction and sensation with sexual intercourse
•    Vaginoplasty Thailand is a great solution after giving birth for stretched, large vaginal openings  or with any problems of having tampons fall out
•    Vaginal Reconstruction is ideal if you have any scar tissues at or near your perineum and vaginal opening
•    Cosmetic Vagina Surgery Thailand is ideal if you have any gas-like noises during sexual intercourse

How is the Vaginoplasty Thailand Surgery Performed? – Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand

Vaginoplasty Thailand is usually a very standard plastic surgery Thailand and gynecological surgical procedure in Thailand. Vaginoplasty Thailand surgery lasts about 1 to 2 hours and usually as an outpatient basis ( No Hospital Stay Required). The total recovery time in the Internationally Accredited Thailand Hospitals will depends on the type and extent of your vaginal relaxation surgery and whether the anterior (top) and/or the posterior (bottom) vaginal walls or muscles are treated.

Along with having Vaginoplasty Thailand surgery, some women also desire more rounded results and choose to also have Labiaplasty Thailand or Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand simultaneously as Vaginoplasty Surgery in Thailand

  • Labiaplasty Thailand  – Labia Reduction Thailand Surgery
  • Labiaplasty Thailand or Labia Reduction in Thailand surgery is generally divided into 2 main categories:
  • Labia Majora Reduction in Thailand
  • Labia Minora Reduction in Thailand

Labia Majora Reduction Thailand

Labia Majora Reduction Thailand is performed to help easily remove any excess fatty tissue and to instantly improve your comfort while providing a rejuvenated and youthful look.  Labia Majora Reduction surgery in Thailand can also fix a medical condition know as Labia Majora Sagging or Labia Enlargement that occur as a result of rapid weight gaining and/or loosing and severe swelling in this area (generally during pregnancy).

Labia Minora Reduction Thailand

Labia Minora Reduction Thailand is designed to safely and aesthetically modify or “beautify” the labia so that the inner lips of Vulva or Labia Minora do not protrude past the Labia Majora or outer lips.

Top Reasons to Consider Labiaplasty Thailand Surgery -Labia Reduction in Thailand

•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand is a great solution if Your Labia Minora is elongated ,uneven or misshapen
•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand is perfect for those who are unhappy with Labia Majora’s appearance (sagging or fattening)
•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand can stop the undesired discomfort and/or embarrassment during or before sexual intercourse.
•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand can eliminate Discomfort, Irritation,pain or pulling with certain clothing,activities or exercise
•    Vaginal Rejuvenation Thailand is ideal for those with an Elongated labia minora that is causing severe Chaffing and/or pain. Usually from the labia rubbing up against jeans or panties.
•    Labia Minora Reduction Thailand may be helpful if your Labia is causing unsightly visible bulges when wearing underwear or bathing suit.
•    Labia Minora Reduction in Thailand is a great solution if your Labia Minora  is causing any deviation of the urinary stream causing soiling buttocks and/or legs.
•    Labiaplasty Thailand is an ideal solution if suffering with hygiene or other odor issues

How does the Labia Reduction Surgery Thailand Work? Labiaplasty Thailand

Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand or Labiaplasty Thailand is performed under both general and/or local or twilight anesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the Labiaplasty Thailand surgery, the procedure can take from 30 to 90 minutes. Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand is usually performed on an out-patient basis. During labia surgery in Thailand, one of the top doctors in Thailand will use a laser or scalpel to contour your labia.  The final appearance of your designer labia will depends on your specific needs and desires. Labiaplasty Thailand and Cosmetic Vulvoplasty may be used to:

•    Reduce the Labia Minora
•    Reduce a single side of your Labia Minora so the labia are symmetrical in size and look
•   Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand can fix the pigmented edges of your Labia Minora. Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand can make them pink color allowing a more youthful look
Some Clients prefer the darkened labia and so darkening can also be accomplished with Labia Reduction Surgery in Thailand .
•    Labia Majora Thailand can be used to eliminate any bulge visibility especially when wearing tight clothes or bikinis

Hymenoplasty Thailand – Hymen repair in Thailand -Hymen Restoration Surgery in Thailand

The hymen is the very thin membrane that usually blocks the vaginal opening partially. The hymen is often torn during the first occurrence of sexual intercourse but may also be ruptured by rigerous exercise such as horseback riding, a fall, or even through tampon use.

Hymenoplasty Thailand is a very simple procedure in which the remaining pieces of the ruptured hymen are used to surgically reconstruct the membrane to its original and intact form.


Hymenoplasty Thailand surgery,Hymen repair in Thailand & Hymen Restoration Surgery in Thailand are often used to restore the hymen for religious or social reasons that associate a female’s virginity with religious, cultural and societal expectations.

Types of Hymen Repair in Thailand – Hymenoplasty Thailand & Hymen Restoration Surgery in Thailand

Typical Hymenoplasty Thailand: A typical hymenoplasty Thailand surgery usually take the remains or remnants of the torn hymen and sew them back together into its original form. The stitches used during this quick and easy process are 100% dissolvable. Hymen repair in Thailand and Hymen Restoration Surgery in Thailand is usually perfumed under local anesthesia or a general anesthetic. The Hymen Repair in Thailand procedure is fairly simple and takes about 30 to 45 minutes to perform on an outpatient basis.

Alloplant Technique in Thailand: If for some reason you hymen cannot not be restored, a revolutionary new Tear through biomaterial will be carefully insert inside you to act as a hymen. The Hymen implant in Thailand is very easy procedure and can be performed under local or twilight anesthesia. The Hymen implant in Thailand surgery takes less than 2 hours and perfumed on an outpatient basis.

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