Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Therapy in Thailand

hGH was first isolated in the mid 1950s, it was not possible to produce it commercially until the mid 1980s. Up to that time the only source of hGH was a post-mortem collection from pituitary glands. Lack of HGH leads to slowed growth in children. In adults, deficiency may be due to pituitary surgery or diseases, but is also a natural consequence of aging. In fact, growth hormone declines with age in every animal species tested to date. Among humans, HGH reaches its peak of about 500 micrograms produced per day at age 20, by 40 that falls to 200 and at 80 it may be around 25 micrograms.

Human Growth Hormone is a naturally occurring substance in the human body which is secreted by the pituitary, the master gland of the body located in the endocrine system. Growth Hormone is important for a number of reasons, in older individuals, it can slow down and in many cases even reverse the aging process. Aging is now considered a disease and not just a normal occurrence which goes unchecked. The treatment has been used buy Professional Athletes, The Rich and Elite in Europe and the United States for over 15 years with great results. Injections are required because HGH is broken down in the stomach by the bile acids and is not absorbed into the system. Other hormones improve the efficiency of HGH function, including Estrogen, Progesterone, Melatonin, DHEA, and Thyroid Hormone.

IGF-1 Treatments in Thailand

Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 also known as Polypeptide Protein Hormone, IGF-1 plays a vital role during early childhood growth and stimulates anabolic effects (muscle building) in adults. IGF-1 age-related degeneration of muscles, skin tissue and bones. Because IGF-1 levels tend to level off and fall rapidly when the liver is not stimulated by HGH production, these benefits are greatest when consistently high HGH levels are maintained.

Weight Management Solutions in Thailand

Our team of experts consider weight problems a chronic disease. They prioritize studying and getting to the cause of the weight gain. This is done by creating a personalized program for each patient. A special weight management program includes the following; diet plan, hormone replacement, counseling and education, medications and injections if necessary. Another goal of the program is to teach patients how to keep the weight off for the long haul.

Natural Wellness Programs Customized to Your Specific Needs

Let our trained wellness specialists create a personalized wellness program for you. Whether you are looking for ways to prevent a disease or looking for a way to better manage or treat a disease that you already have, we can help. Some patients are looking for an aggressive treatment program while others prefer to walk the path to optimum health a little slower. Either way, our physicians will show you the path to wellness.

Homeopathic Treatment Options in Thailand

Homeopathy is widely used around the world, especially in Europe and India. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural minerals and plant extracts and are used to stimulate healing and promote proper organ functioning. Our physician partners may use high-potency homeopathic remedies as part your treatment program.

Rejuvenation and Wellness Vacations to Thailand

Thai Medical is a trusted organization that will guide you every step of the way for your Anti Aging or wellness trip. Thai Medical works with the best hospitals in Thailand along with senior doctors and offer assistance on non medical aspects at no extra cost to the patient for treatments like non-surgical stem cell facelifts, stem cell treatments for anti-aging, PRP Therapy,Meyers cocktails and many more. We use International protocols and multidisciplinary team approach to all treatments.

Unfortunately not everyone is approved for our treatments. The doctors only select patients who they believe will likely benefit from the treatments. We therefore need to assess your true and accurate medical condition before offering any treatment solutions and exact prices. Our clients all receive priority scheduling of appointments, Hotel, Local Hospitality. Packages including luxury accommodations,transportation and excursions are also available upon request.

Contact Us today to See If a Treatment is Right for You:

You will be contacted within 24 hours by our Patient Care Coordinator who will tell you about costs, benefits, travel details, and other necessary information.  You will need to get your medical records together so the doctor may review them to see if you can benefit from this treatment. This is without any charge.

The actual treatment length will vary depending on your needs. We offer treatments from 1-30 days depending on your busy schedule.  After which you will get a chance to get back to a normal life and enjoy a beautiful trip to Thailand during you Anti Aging Thailand Trip of a lifetime.

“Shape your Dreams into Reality with Thai Medical”


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