Thai Medical  is proud to offer our clients one of the most advanced and safest stem cell treatments and stem cell banking opportunity on the planet using the powerful and multipurpose MSC Mesenchymal stem cells found in the soft living tissue of wisdom teeth called dental pulp stem cells.

Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells (DPSC) are Adult Stem Cells (ASC) NOT embryonic derived stem cells. DPSC are found in wisdom and baby teeth. Dental Stem cells have shown the ability to differentiate into other vital parts of the human body such as dental tissue,bone,gums, cartilage, teeth and even muscle with new evidence suggesting possible differentiating ability into neural cells.

DPSCs, also called SHED stem cells cells. These types of cells are derived from deciduous teeth. Dental pulp is the living tissue inside our teeth and are up of cells known as “odontoblasts.” Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells were originally thought to produce odontoblast-like cells and tissue similar to dentin tissue, that normally protects and surrounds the dental pulp.


Recently dental pulp stem cells became used in medical applications as a substitute to bone marrow or cord blood derived stem cells that are needed to treat leukemia or other types of cancers.  Dental pulp derived stem cells are proving to be a very valuable resource primarily since they can be easily obtained in a very noninvasive manner. Dental pulp stem cells have very broad differentiation capacity and may offer doctors significant improvements in the field of regenerative medicine at the best regenerative hospital facility in Thailand.

Dental Pulp Derived stem Have the Potential to differentiate Other cell types like:

•          Heart Stem Cells “Cardio-Myocytes”  repair cardiac tissue after a heart attack

•          Neurons for Nerve or brain tissue

•          Myocytes for muscle repair

•          Osteocytes for bone regeneration

•          Chondrocytes for cartilage regeneration and arthritis stem cells

•          Adipocytes for fat and dermal fillers

•          Bone or tissue for use in oral treatments

Dental pulp derived stem cells differ from other  “master” cells in the body and in many ways including:

•          DPSC are much easier to to collect. Embryonic and Bone marrow stem cells requires ethically wrong or invasive surgery, while dental stem cells are a product of the natural tooth loss that would otherwise be just discarded.

Dental pulp stem cells Banking Vs cord blood stem cell Banking

Dental pulp stem cells are similar to cord blood derived stem cells and can also be banked like cord blood  or placenta derived stem cells. If you also lost the chance to store your childs cord blood, you consider the potential benefits possible with dental pulp stem cell banking.

Dental pulp derived stem cells are made up of mostly MSC or mesenchymal stem cells while cord blood derived stem cells are predominantly hematopoietic stem cells. Bone marrow stem cells on the other hand contains both types of powerful stem cells but are very invasive/painful to extract.  Cord blood stem cells are a proven weapon in regenerative medicine but dental pulp stem cells have the capacity to convert into solid tissue types that cord blood derived cells cannot. DPSC can potentially repair dental tissues,connective tissues, neurons and even bone.

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