Male to Female Sex Change in Thailand

For decades now, Thailand has been at the forefront of SRS Male to Female Sex reassignment surgeries. Thai Medical offers you the chance to become yourself with advanced Male to Female Sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok or Phuket Thailand. Our surgical team of experts offers the safest techniques available thanks to the thousands of successful surgeries they have performed over the past 40 years.

FTM Treatment in Thailand for Loren – SRS Testimonial

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MTF FTM SRS Doctors in Bangkok

We understand that deciding to change your gender from Male to Female is a life long dream,commitment and investment so our job is to match you with the best doctors and surgeons in Thailand. After you gather the information and decide to commit, we will help you arrange the details to ensure that you can concentrate on the MOST important thing, Your peace of mind. Your can rest assured that in as little as 2 weeks you can finally transform into the woman of your dreams and  recover in the peaceful country of Thailand. In just 2 weeks you can recover and return home as a new person!

MTF SRS Surgery Requirements

MTF surgery is not appropriate for everyone. MTF candidates must be 18 years or older. In addition, candidates for MTF SRS must be clinically diagnosed with gender indentity disorder or gender dysphoria. Our doctors also request that clients undergo atleast one year or anti-androgens  and/or hormones replacement. It’s also recommended that you actually try living in a cross-gender role for a minimum of one year, full-time so you can better prepare for the body changing surgery.  These requirements are necessary for having surgery with the best SRS surgeons in Thailand.

We recently introduced an amazing new MTF FTM SRS technique for vaginal reconstruction using minimally invasive vaginoplasty via Penile skin inversion  to create a new natural looking and feeling vagina with all external features, sensations and functionality. Our patented clitoris reconstruction techniques are done using your neurovascular glans penile flap. The doctors are also able to simultaneously fabricate the clitoral column and hood, Thanks to the redundant scrotal skin.

Vaginal depth is also one of the biggest concern for most of our clients. So we introduced the “NeoVagina” technique that delivers depth of nearly 6 inches. Some scrotal skin grafts can also be applied to gain even more depth in case the penile skin is not enough. The SRS specialists in Thailand also remove the hair on and around the scrotum so the skin grafts can be placed near the distal end of your penile flap.

MTF FTM Sex Change operation generally lasts about 3-4 hours in Bangkok or Phuket. Before you can be released from one of the best hospitals in Thailand one of our SRS nurses will explain in english how you can properly care for your Neovagina as well as directions on your medications. 7-10 days after surgery, our doctors can remove the stitches, inspect the results and discharge you to return home to your new life. The “neovagina” will need time to heal but should become fully functional in about 6-8 weeks after your SRS surgery. Other treatments that are often combined include Breast augmentation using implants or stem cell breast augmentation along with Adam apple reduction “chondroplasty” for a complete gender transformation in Thailand.

Male to Female Sex Change Prices

Thailand has been the undisputed epicenter for high quality Sex Reassignment Surgeries since the early 70’s. The top SRS doctors in Bangkok and Phuket are experts in SSG,SRS by PSI and SCG with over 12,000 successful cases representing citizens of nearly 68 countries around the world!

Male to Female Sex MTF SRS Thailand

The estimated prices for having Male to Female Sex change surgery in Bangkok will depend on what treatments you are looking for, but on average the prices start at:

  • Penile Skin Inversion Surgery Prices in Bangkok start at 235,000 THB  (12-14 nights stay)
  • MTF Using Colon Vaginoplasty Surgery in Bangkok Starts at 322,000 THB  (12-14 nights stay)
  • Prices in Phuket are on average ~25%-30% Higher than Bangkok.

MTF SRS Surgery Application

If you think that you are interested in exploring your dreams of becoming a women please contact us today. The road to MTF SRS surgery is long but rewarding journey that we will help you navigate successfully.  There are formal documentation requirements needed to determine eligibility and actual pricing. Test needed can be completed in your home before you arrive or in Thailand once you arrive and include:

  • Endocrinologist Tests
  • Psychologist recommendation
  • Hepatitis Vaccinations

STD Screenings* HIV+ patients prices are 35% higher on Average

To learn more about Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand, please contact us today.

“Shape your Dreams into Reality with Thai Medical”