Medical Vacations to Thailand

Medical Vacations and medical tourism are not new concepts. The worlds first recorded case of traveling for medical care were of Greek pilgrims who traveled from their homes in the Mediterranean region to the Saronic Gulf territory of Epidauria. At the time it was believed that the sanctuary of Asklepios the healing God was in the region thus making it a destination for the world’s first medical tourists. Ancient Egyptians and Romans also traveled often to hot springs and salt baths to try to improve their health. In the 18th and 19th century Americans and Europeans began flocking to sanitariums and health spas in remote locations around the world in the hopes of natural treatment for many diseases at the time such as gout, bronchitis,tuberculosis or liver diseases.

Thai Medical also aims to provide our clients complete transparency to your healthcare records even when you return home, through our custom built and secure online personal medical records platform. You will always be ‘in the know’ during each and every stage of your medical vacation including post-operative care and even after you return to your country of residence. Our hand-selected top surgeons and medical Facilities in Phuket,Bangkok, Samui and Chiang Mai were pre-screened and interviewed to ensure that our clients are in good hands during and after treatment. All our Thai doctors are internationally trained from European and American Medical Schools & they all speak excellent English.

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Today, the strong motivation of people looking to improve their health and quality of life have not changed. Like other modern luxuries such as the internet, more and more people today have much greater access healthcare and health information to fulfill all their medical needs and plastic surgery needs. Thai Medical helps people reach their dreams of a better more healthy life by providing you with tangible medical solution to help better your soul,body and mind.

Thai Medical is headquartered in Bangkok,Thailand with customer service call centers in Los Angeles, London,Sydney and Auckland. Our treatment and medical concierge staff are all based in Bangkok.

We know Thailand!

Our dedicated medical team continues to set the gold standard for cosmetic and medical travel related services around the globe. Our network consists of the top internationally accredited Thai hospitals (JCI,HA,AMA,ISO), world-class private clinics,rehab centers and nursing care facilities throughout the Kingdom of Thailand that all meet or exceed globally recognized standards of performances and quality.

Thai Medical Vacation “TMV” offers our international clients a wide selection of medical treatments including  liposuction, Vaser HiDef Lipo,BodyTite RFAL Lipo,Weight loss Surgeries, Breast augmentations, including Breast Implants and the new Stem Cell Breast Augmentations, Male Breast reduction, Female breast reduction surgery, Dermal and Skin care treatments such as the Non-Surgical Stem cell Facelift or botox ,Hair Transplants, Knee Replacement, and Hip Replacement surgery.

We also offer the latest in Adult Stem Cell regeneration Treatments treatments such as: Stem Cell treatment for Autism, Stem Cell therapy for heart disease,and over 220 other specialized medical treatments at a fraction of the price you would pay in your home with the agony of having waiting times or Insurance headaches. The benefits and value of having medical treatments in Thailand coupled with the natural beauty, delicious food, and gracious hospitality that makes Thailand the world’s best destination for medical and dental treatments. TMV understands clearly that everyone has different fears, ,expectations,goals, and needs for medical care so we offer customized treatment solutions including all-inclusive medical vacation packages that include everything from the treatments to recovery hotels, airport transportation and meals. We want to make sure we give you the best service possible by giving you only honest and impartial options to choose from. We want to help you make your travel decisions about treatments in Thailand in full confidence.

Thai Medical is 100% INDEPENDENT which allows our clients from Australia,America and Europe to choose from only the  BEST medical options available in the Kingdom of Thailand. We encourage all our clients to have open honest dialogue with the doctors and staff at all times and we strive to provide you with answers to all your questions BEFORE you even arrive. Our mission is to place your interests and safety above everything else. We are on your side!

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