remove the fatty areas by cutting them out or via Laser & Vaser liposuction. Small incisions near your ears may also be needed to allow the removal of any excess skin on your neck.

Once your muscles have been re-tightened and the excess skin and fat have been removed, your skin is then placed back over your neck. All the excess skin and fat is permanently removed and your incisions are permanently closed with medical sutures. The surgeon will use temporary sutures and may also place a drainage device under your skin to collect any excess fluid that may increase post operation swelling and/or discomfort. The drain is a 2-3 day temporary precaution and is removed by the time you leave. The treatments take place in only internationally accredited International hospitals in Bangkok or private hospital or clinic depending on the amount of work needed.

Necklifts in Thailand | Before After Pictures






The surgeon might also ask you to wear medical grade compression garments or bandages that can help reduce any post-op swelling. This compression garment should be worn as much as possible for at least the first five to seven days. You can read more about the best tips for pre and post surgery to optimize the results.

Length of Stay Required

The minimum time we recommend for having surgical Neck Lifts is 7-10 days. Non-Surgical Neck lifts using Ulthera or Thermage CPT, Vaser or Botox can be achieved in around 3-4 nights total in Thailand.

Cost of Having a Neck Lift Surgery in Thailand

The cost of the Neck lifts in Bangkok or Phuket will depend on if you want surgical or non-surgical and the extent of work required. To get fixed prices for surgical or nonsurgical neck lift our doctors will need to conduct a virtual consultation using your images and basic medical history such as allergies and previous surgery. The virtual consultation can be done entirely online. Once completed we can provide you with actual fixed and discounted costs of having your necklift along with options for hotel and transportation packages that will include almost anything you will require during your stay in Thailand. To learn more and request an evaluation from one of our doctors please contact us today.

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