Mr Harrison O’Conner
Vice President International Operations

“Mr Harrison” is responsible for international health services for international patients and expatriates. He is considered to be one of the leading experts on International healthcare and medical tourism.

With Mr O’Conner’s leadership Thai Medicals’ international department has been very instrumental in helping forging cooperative relationships with international insurance companies and private healthcare providers in Australia,United Kingdom,South Africa and the United States. Mr Harrison has helped position Thai Medical and its network of Thai Hospitals and private clinics as the preeminent destination for international healthcare seekers. Mr Harrison has over 21 years of experience in the Tourism and Hotel Management sector.

” My practical experiences in business and in life are enhanced through my deep expertise in behavioral sciences, psychometrics and relationship management skills. Our medical services are designed with you in mind. Let us help you redefine yourself! ”

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Mrs Lala S Ponmunee

Vice President Operations Thailand

Mrs. Lala has spent her entire career in the travel and tourism industry in Thailand.  Her previous 6 years of experience was in holding management positions with Thailand based multi-national companies. Her dealings with international corporate clients from the US,Canada,UK,Hong Kong,Singapore and Australia have given her a unique perspective in the medical travel and tourism industry. She turned her focus and expertise to expanding the Thai Healthcare industry with Thai Medical. Over the past 5 years, Thai Medical has grown into one of the highest rated,and most respectable healthcare administrators’ in Thailand.Thai Medical is focused on highlighting the value of receiving world-class medical treatments in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya,Chiang Mai and Ko Samui Thailand.

Her focus is on partnering with the best Thai Doctors and Specialists for the treatment solutions we offer. Her vision and steady leadership have helped make Thai Medical into one of the most respected medical treatment administrators in the world. TMV’s clients have come to expect no hassle medical holidays when they arrive and we aim to deliver with unparalleled positive outcomes.

“I am convinced that together we can improve the quality of your life through proper medical and physical needs being met that will eventually provide you with the psychological benefits that you desire. I am passionate about helping people and will do everything i can to help men and women seeking a life-changing journey to Thailand in an honest manner with superb service at a sensible cost”- Lala

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Jennifer P.

International Patient Coordinator

Jennifer hails from Canada and is our Medical Liaison and international treatment coordinator with excellent customer service skills. Her strengths and experience allows her to handle multiple treatment related tasks simultaneously with excellent time management skills needed for patients during short medical holiday trip. Jenn has an overwhelmingly positive attitude and maintains utmost respect by creating a unique bond by being friendly, upbeat and enthusiastic while maintaining the strict client confidence.

“I look forward to meeting with you during your life changing trip to Thailand!”

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Operations Assistant

Spring is the “glue” between the international customer service and Thai operations management ensuring that all our clients expectations and plans are carried out in a seamless manner allowing TMV clients to receive the “No Hassle” medical vacation they signed up for in the first place.

Spring is extremely efficient and well-organized to quickly deal with unfortunate last-minute requests,changes and expectations of our clients and coordinate with the clinics and customer service team so that each and every client will enjoy his or her medical holiday in peace.

“The best part of my job is the great feedback from clients about their results in Thailand.”

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Raksaan Aromdee

Patient Coordinator

Raksan is a very compassionate and accomplished professional with 5 years hands-on experience within the acute-care hospital and rural healthcare settings. She also has a varied clinical background and speaks 4 languages. Her proven ability to work within our medical and office team helps promote a friendly and caring environment.


Jamie Salmieri

International Customer Care Support

Jamie is based in Bangkok and is in charge pre-treatment inquiries and scheduling for International inquiries. He has spent more than 15 years in the medical, hospitality,finance and tourism industry working with  private hospital centers in Argentina, US and Europe.

His primary role as customer care manager is to help answer all medically related questions, coordinate schedules with Thai treatment centers and arrange travel needs so our clients achieve the results they desire.

Jamie’s knowledge, maturity and professionalism are well received by all our international clients and local partner clinics and specialists.

“It not always easy but seeing the results makes it worth it. I have personally seen the benefits of having medical care in Thailand and want to help others looking to make the right decision.” – Jamie

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