Cardiac stem cells also offers new treatment solutions and possibilities for patients diagnosed with serious heart muscle and tissue damage.

Treatment Overview

The Thai Medical approved protocol for the treatment of heart disease via stem cells consists of the following 4 phases:

  • Qualification
  • Cell collection and processing
  • Stem Cell Infusions ( Multiple Stages )
  • Follow-up visit

Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, we offer Allogeneic Cord blood derived stem cells or autologous cells that are extracted from the patient’s own bone marrow or peripheral blood depending on the yield and health of the patient and selected stem-cell-heart-patient-artsource of stem cells. The cells are then tested and concentrated with growth factors in the lab. The enriched stem cells are then re-implanted into the patient over the course of several days. The Cell implantation/injections take place by means of a cardiac-catheter and/or IV injections. In addition our cardiologists may also remove any coronary artery constrictions to attain the best possible outcomes. In such cases stents can also be used to provide scaffolding for the stem cells to adhere to leading to a much faster recovery.

Cardiac-Catheterization-xrayOur cardiac regeneration procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia using a thin plastic support tube inserted painlessly into the femoral artery.The cardiologists then introduce  special catheters that are guided until they reach the heart. A contrast medium usually containing iodine allows our cardiologists to use X-ray fluoroscopy to help diagnose any possible coronary artery disease and/or to show any physical limitations in the heart’s pumping function. We also offer treatments for coronary arteries, balloon expansion of any constrictions, the stent implants for vessel support.


Our Multi-Stage Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy offers:

  • Reduce the risk of surgical intervention of coronary heart disease even when other treatments like PTCA,coronary  bypass are no longer an option
  • Cardiac Cell Therapy is the ONLY procedure in the world that can improve the pumping function of the heart through angiogenesis and muscle tissue regeneration
  • The treatment is very safe and is done as an outpatient procedure, thereby limiting the Overall Risk especially when compared to the alternative of open heart surgery or heart transplants.

Risks and Side Effects

All potential patients should be aware that Hematomas can occur in the groin area. These are minor and heal without any harmful consequences. Larger hemorrhages, which would possibly have to be treated surgically, are extremely rare. Our cardiologists use a special system to close any puncture points. In contrast to common pressure bandages, the puncture point is pro-actively closed using this special system further reducing the risk of any secondary hemorrhages. Nerve injuries, vessel wall sacculations, and adverse reactions including shock caused by the contrast medium are extremely rare. In rare cases (especially in pre-existing conditions where your kidneys might already be damaged), a disruption of kidney functions can be triggered by the contrast medium. If you are aware of a problems with your kidneys, then you may be asked to have your blood cleaned via dialysis immediately after the cardiac catheter examination to prevent worsening of normal kidney functions.

Other Cell based regeneration treatments we offer include:

Cost of Stem Cell Therapy to treat Heart Disease

Each patient is unique and has different needs. To better understand the patient’s current condition and to qualify for the treatment our cardiologists will need to review the patient’s recent medical checkups and diagnostic exams. Our treatment will require from 14-30 nights in Bangkok and the treatment steps include:

  • The Initial Online inquiry and Qualification
  • Lab work and blood tests (upon arrival in Bangkok)
  • Stem cell collection,expansion (closed system dedicated laboratory)
  • CD34+ Cardiopoietic Stem Cells (Peripheral Blood,Amniotic Membrane,Cord Blood or Human Placenta derived Cells)
  • Multiple injections over multiple stages
  • All Medications
  • Follow-ups
  • Doctor,Hospital and medical related fees

Once the medical review is complete we can provide a detailed treatment plan with fixed medical expenses along with options treatment package that includes: accommodations and all ground transportation (local). Private recovery hotels or apartments for families are also available upon special requests.

 Medical travel financing may also be available to residents of the US,Canada,UK and Australia. Please contact us for more details or to get more information.

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