An upper bodylift is one of the more popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men. For men this typically involves having male breast reduction surgery in conjunction with tummy tuck or liposuction to obtain optimal results.

Belt Lipectomy w/ Tummy Tuck – 3D Video Animation

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Post-Surgery After Care

A Body-Lift seeks to improve the shape and size of both the lower and upper body for maximum effect. An upper or lower lift may be done as a single surgery or combined at separate intervals to spread out over a period of time. Typically due to travel restrictions we try to accomplish treating multiple areas in the least invasive and safe manner possible. A total Body Makeover surgery is sometimes also broken into multiple treatments to minimize risks of combining multiple surgeries covering your entire body at the same time.

There is no set/correct sequence of events that needs to be followed with a total body makeover lift so you are free to choose depending on your preference etc. Some patients start with a lower lift, followed by a breast augmentation surgeries such as: Breast lift or Stem cell breast enhancement, then begin to work on the inner thighs or butt area followed by any treatments to the face such as brow lift, lip augmentation,nose surgery and/or ear surgery. The face area usually involves a neck lift and/or arm lift thus completing a complete body makeover holiday. Some minor contouring can also be achieved 100% non-surgically using devices such as Coolsculptingultherapy or Thermage CPT.

Body Reshaping in Thailand | Before and After Pictures



Surgical Risks and Recovery Time

Having a 360 Bodylift in Bangkok is a big decision as it’s considered a  major surgical procedure. It requires significantly more recovery time since it combines treating multiple areas simultaneously. Most of our patients will need to spend 2 to 3 nights in one of our local hospitals usually in a private room with a full-time english speaking nurse depending on the scope of the treatment. The surgeons will usually prescribe intramuscular or oral pain medications that will help relieve any discomfort after your surgery. These medications will be replaced with oral pain meds once you leave the hospital.

The surgeons may also insert drainage tubes to reduce excess swelling and help remove any excess blood and/or other fluids after your surgery. Surgical grade dressings will be generally removed about two to three days after the surgery. You will be allowed to shower once the dressings have been removed. Our surgeons will also recommend  you wear medical quality compression garments after the surgery that you should wear at all times except while showering.

You should also expect to limit any post-surgery activities until you have recovered completely. Thailand is a beautiful country to enjoy on your holidays but the purpose of your trip should be focused on having a successful surgery first and foremost. You should not exercise at all including lifting anything five pounds(2 kilos) or more. Walking is however encouraged after your surgeries because it can help reduce any risk of developing any blood clots in your legs due to lack of movement.

Thai Medical recommends a minimum 10-14 Night trip to Thailand for Total Body lift contouring Surgery.

Before you arrive to Thailand, We will also provide you with a complete and detailed pre and postoperative guide including what you can and cannot do after the surgery. This guideline will help reduce any risk of complications.Results of your body lift in Thailand surgery will be fully visible after your swelling has abated. About 75% of all your swelling will completely dissipate in six weeks or less and about 90% will be gone in three months.


All surgeries carry risk. Risks can be managed however using skilled doctors and proper facilities. The most common complications associated with body-lifting surgery include “seromas” or the accumulations of fluids under the skin and minor skin separations. You may also experience slightly reduced sensation in the area you treat. Infection, blood clots and bleeding are much less common for this procedure.

Body Contouring Surgery Prices and Promotions

A true bodylift requires treatment of multiple areas simultaneously. It is therefore very difficult to know the cost unless our doctors know which areas need treatment. To get fixed and discounted prices for having body lift surgery in Thailand our doctors will perform a virtual consultation using your pictures and basic medical history (allergies,previous surgeries etc) The costs we will provide will include ALL your medical related expenses including the cost of the treatment itself, 1-2 nights stay at a local hospital,doctors fees, medicine fees and anesthesia fees. To learn more about our safe and effective body lift makeover solutions in Thailand please contact us today.

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