2016 Guide for Hospitals in Thailand – UPDATED

UPDATED – Sep 7th, 2016 – While most holiday makers try to stay out of hospitals while on vacation, a large number of tourists do the exact opposite as medical tourists. Medical tourists are normal everyday men and women who combine the excitement of international travel with medical care. Treatments can range from simple laser teeth whitening and bodytite liposuction to complex treatments such as hair restoration, cosmetic surgerytotal artificial knee replacements, hip replacements, heart surgery and non-surgical stem cell therapies. From elective surgery to needed surgery,cosmetic, fertility to dental treatments, Thailand offers nearly every medical treatments available anywhere in the Best hospitals in the world.

More than 75% of all medical tourists worldwide travelled to Thailand, Singapore or India in 2015. Bangkok and Singapore are the leading destinations in South East Asia. The cost of accommodations such as hotel rooms and treatments are generally much more expensive in Singapore than Thailand,thus making Bangkok the most popular destination for medical tourists in the World. After a slight slowing in 2014 where 24.14 million visitors ( -6.35%), 2015 ended with a record high 29.35 MM visitors breaking the previous mark of  28 million tourists in 2013. That’s nearly a 29% jump from 2012. Thai Medical research estimates that over 1,110,000 (3.7%) of those visitors came to Thailand and received medical care primarily in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.


A recent survey by Thai Medical Research shows that there are about 0.6 doctors and 3.1 hospital beds for every 1000 people in Thailand in 2014. Measured in terms of PPP or purchasing power parity, each Thai resident is was estimated to have spent 13,847 Thai Baht or USD $411 on health care. Cumulatively, the spending amounted to 5.6% of the country’s gross domestic product or GDP of Thailand. This amount spent on healthcare can be divided into two sections.

Public Sector vs Private Sector

  • Public sector expenditure in 2014 (51.5%)
  • Private sector expenditure 2014 (48.5%)

In comparison to our data, The WHO (World Health Organization) states that the Thai government’s investment on healthcare in 2014 amounted to

  • Public sector expenditure in 2014 (56.5%)
  • Private sector expenditure 2014 (43.5%)

Thailand has been able to overhaul it’s entire healthcare system through their universal health coverage system that was adopted in early 2001. Thailand became the first non G-8 nation to implement such a comprehensive healthcare system overhaul. The UC or universal care system replaced the previously designed system primarily to help bring better access to the millions of lower income earners throughout the country.


Thai Hospitals For Modern Health Care

The making of an internationally renowned healthcare destination is very complex. Some of the primary factors include:
• Broad Industry wide commitment to international accreditations, quality assurance, and transparency of results and outcomes
• Consistent Adoption of International best practices with cutting-edge medical technologies
• Rich History of Healthcare Innovation and Achievement
• Joint Government and Private sector Investments in the Healthcare Infrastructure
• Reputation for specialty excellence
• Availability of internationally-trained and experienced medical personal
• Potential for cost savings
• Consistent International patient flow
• Ease of access to tourism infrastructure

Thailand’s reputation for graceful and attentive service coupled with the rigors demands of western accreditation have helped play a vital role in building a positive international reputation and confidence in the Thai Medical System. Samitivej Hospital Bangkok and Bumrungrad International Hospital were amongst the first Southeast Asia’s recipients of the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) certification from the United States. The JCI seal of approval is seen as the gold standard for healthcare service providers around the globe. Today, Bangkok has no less than nine JCI-accredited hospitals for medical holiday makers to choose from. At last update (January 2016) ,Thailand has 51 JCI accredited and certified facilities. Other factors such as reasonably-priced hotel rooms and the Ultra-modern Suvarnabhumi Airport,reliable public transportation and quick 30-day visas for most nationalities upon arrival all help to make Thailand a preferred destination for visitors from Australia,North America and Europe.

Thailand Hospitals List 2016

The following list is a the most comprehensive directory listing of public and private hospitals in Thailand. Our research for this list was completed on October 2014, there are nearly 1,007 public hospitals, and 341 private hospitals that are currently registered with the Thai Public Health Ministry‘s Medical Registration Division located in Bangkok.

Public,Private and Military Medical Centers in Thailand

Hospital Name Operation Partnership Type Province Beds
Klang Hospital Metro Bangkok General Metro Bangkok Administration Private Bangkok 418
Metro Bangkok Hospital Lat Krabang Metro Bangkok Administration Private Bangkok 40
Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital Military Hospital Air Force Military Bangkok 784
Burachat Chaiyakorn Hospital Thai Railway Administration Private Bangkok 132
Central Correctional Hospital Ministry of Justice Private Bangkok 330
Women’s Central Correctional Medical Center Ministry of Justice Private Bangkok 46
Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital Metro Bangkok Administration Private Bangkok 427
Chulabhorn Hospital Research Institute Chulabhorn Specialized Bangkok 110
Galaya Rajanakarindra Institute Mental Health Department Specialized Bangkok 340
Health Promotion Hospital, 1st Region Department of Public Health Primary care Bangkok 60
Hospital for Tropical Diseases Mahidol University Specialized Bangkok 260
King Chulalongkorn Hospital of Dentistry Chulalongkorn University Specialized Bangkok 50
Institute of Dermatology Medical Services Department Specialized Bangkok 53
King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital Thai Red Cross Society Teaching Bangkok 1443
Lerdsin Hospital Medical Services Department Private Bangkok 538
Luang Pho Taweesak Hospital Metro Bangkok Administration Private Bangkok 70
Medical Correctional Institution Ministry of Justice Private Bangkok 60
Metropolitan Electricity Authority Hospital Metropolitan Electricity Authority Private Bangkok 130
National Cancer Institute Medical Services Department Drug rehabilitation Bangkok 210
Naval Bangkok Hospital Thai Royal Navy Military Bangkok 240
Naval Ordnance Hospital Royal Thai Navy Military Bangkok 32
Nopparat Rajathanee Hospital Medical Services Department Private Bangkok 520
Phramongkutklao Hospital Royal Thai Army Teaching Bangkok 1246
Police General Hospital Thai Royal Police Military Bangkok 746

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