Rhinoplasty Nose Augmentation in Thailand

Rhinoplasty In Thailand is also known as Nose Jobs in Thailand or just Nose Surgery. Augmentation Rhino is a very popular treatment for both women and men around the world looking to reshape their noses after an injury or to instantly build up self-confidence by changing your outward appearance . Thai Medical Clients choose to come to Thailand for  Rhinoplasty for hundreds of reasons including, some of the best hospitals in the world, highly qualified nose surgeons, affordable prices, or for reconstructive needs that after trauma from sports injuries, to correct breathing problems or birth defects. Depending on your look you are going for effect, the look after having nose surgery  can vary from subtle to  dramatic.

Most doctors consider nose surgeries and Rhinoplasty as the most difficult plastic surgery procedure today. Facial structure and the nasal anatomy can vary greatly between cultures,races and genders but rhinoplasty must be proportional for each persons face. Our pre-approved and hand plastic surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket can enhance your appearance to match your facial structure and looking 100% natural.

 Nose Surgery Techniques in Bangkok


Before deciding on the doctor or how nose surgeries can change your life, it’s important to get to know the anatomy and framework of your nose consists of cartilage and bone. The upper part of your nose is supported by dorsal humps and bone. The Lower part of your nose is being supported by plates of cartilage that extend from the center of your nose to help define the shape and overall appearance of your nose tip. Nose correction Surgery can easily help redefine your nasal tip and shape.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Before undergoing Rhinoplasty surgery, it’s important  to discuss any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have via a short online medical history form. Please be sure to tell our nose surgeons about any medications that you are taking or have taken in the past 3 months even including herbal or non-prescription drugs. One of the top nose surgeon in Thailand can see in 1-3 days if you make a good candidate for nose surgery vacation. 

Open Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket will first need to review your pictures and understand your expected results prior to your arrival  in Thailand. She/He may also request additional medical information before committing to a nose surgery face to face consultation. The initial assessment should give you both a good idea about the entire process from understanding about the surgery, your overall health evaluation, expectations for results and total time needed in Bangkok. 

Nose Reduction Surgery aka Nose Job

When you arrive, you will have the chance for a face to face consultation with your chosen doctor and also a chance to tour the facilities and review the before after picture albums. You will also most likely go through a complete physical evaluation the areas on your face to be treated. You and your nose surgeon can discuss in private your expected results, and to finalize your plan for nose augmentation surgery (closed vs open nose surgery). The Thai nose surgeon might also suggest a combination of treatments to help amplify the results and bring about complete balance to your face. Treatments such treatment upper and lower eyelid surgery, chin implants,cheek facial implants, brow lift,neck lift or face lifts for an improved facial profile.

The importance of NOT smoking tobacco before any treatment or rhinoplasty sugery cannot be stressed enough. Please take this or any other surgery serious by stopping all smoking 4-6 weeks before your nose surgery . Smoking causes problems with circulation increasing the likely hood of complications.

Nasal Surgery Video

 Nose Job Recovery and Post-Surgery Care

After your nose augmentation surgery in Thailand the incisions will have been closed and soft puffy materials may be used along the air passages. After your Thailand nose job, an external splint will be applied to help maintain the new shape. The temporary splint helps provide your nose additional protection during the weeklong healing process. The splint is generally worn for six to eight days after surgery.

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