Female To Male Sex Reassignment in Thailand

Thai medical SRS doctors have been at leading the MTF and FTM gender reassignment surgery for nearly 40 years now. The expertise and natural results achieved in Bangkok and Phuket are second to none. Today, we are proud to offer you access to the most advanced FTM SRS transformations available anywhere on earth, by expert gender reassignment surgeons with tens of thousands of successful FTM genital reconstructions under their surgical belts. The Thai Medical approved Female to Male conversion has helped thousands of trans-genders embrace the full variety of high quality medical options available to them in Thailand including minimally invasive surgeries to treatments such as salpingo-oophorectomy (remove ovaries and womb) hysterectomy, mastectomies with creation of completely new and functional neo-penis using the latest in reconstruction techniques

Journey into Manhood – Videolog FTM SRS

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FTM SRS Surgery Bangkok

Thai Medical understands that making the decision to change from a female to man is a permanent decision and investment. Having seen the smiling faces of successful converts has given us the experience you need during your journey into manhood. Your natural results and peace of mind are our primary objectives and you can rest assured that your short recovery will occur in a peaceful and serene environment allowing you to heal quickly and return back to your home as a new man.

ftm-gender-reassignment-thailandFTM SRS Sex Reassignment Surgery Stages

Having female to male gender change ie “FTM SRS Surgery” is composed of about 3 main stages.

Stage 1. Hysterectomy, Subcutaneous Mastectomy or Oophorectomy

This first stage of FTM is to remove the breast tissue along with the womb and your ovaries.

Stage 2. Neo-Penile reconstruction via the forearm “radial” free flap transfer.

This second stage of FTM SRS Surgery may be the most critical and invasive step of Female to Male transformation surgery in Thailand. The second stage of FTM is performed via microsurgical penile reconstruction using minimally invasive grafting that uses forearm skin to complete sensory ability for the neo-penis. Thai medical’s exclusive techniques offer a less than .01% flap loss after microsurgery in Bangkok. Occasionally some urethral anastomosis (leakage) may needs minor corrective surgery, but this risk is very minimal in FTM sex change operation in Thailand.

Stage 3 FTM Sex Reassignment Surgery – New natural feeling Testicle implants (stem cell tissue expansion also available)

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