Surgery alone can only change your exterior. To get a complete 100% transformation our endocrinologist have developed a unique Testosterone replacement regimen to will help you maintain your newly acquired masculine features permanently from the inside. Female to Male Sex reassignment is a lifetime investment.

We treat all requests in a in-depth, confidential manner well before you set foot in Thailand. If you feel that you make a strong candidate for the Thai medical female to male sex reassignment surgery or breast reduction surgery, please take the first step and contact us today.

Loren’s Recent FTM Surgery in Bangkok

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Female to Male Sex Change Operation Requirements

Female to male sex change surgery form a reputable doctor will require some formal documentation and steps. To qualify for FTM surgery the Government of Thailand requires to a clinical diagnosis for gender disorder from a licensed psychotherapists in your home country or Thailand. Other test that will be required before surgery include endocrinologist Tests, STD screening and physical exams.

Prices for Female to Male Genital Reassignment in Bangkok

Prices for having FTM surgery from a qualified professional at one of the best srs hospitals in Thailand or accredited private clinics will depend on your specific stage required and preferences. To get an accurate price with multi-area discounts our SRS specialists will need to understand your needs better via a short medical question form and pictures. To give you an idea for starting prices for FTM SRS surgery in Bangkok see below.

Neo-Penile via Skin Inversion Starts at 210,000 THB 14 night Package
Colon Vaginoplasty Starts at 290,000 THB 14 night Package
Stage 1 FTM Surgery
Complete Mastectomy Starts at 66,000 – 85,000 THB 2 nights Package
TAHBSO Starts at 59,000 THB 4 night Package
Stage 2 FTM Surgery Prices
Vaginectomy and Urethral Lengthening Starts at 110,000 THB 6 nights Package
Urethral Prefabrication (Forearm Grafts) Starts at 66,000 THB 1 nights stay
Stage 3 FTM SRS Prices in Bangkok
Total Phalloplasty Starts at 220,000 THB ** 14 nights Package

** For Currency conversion from Thai Baht to your home currency please click the link.

These prices reflect SRS surgeries in Bangkok only. Prices on Phuket will generally be 25% higher than Bangkok. Our FTM specialists also strongly advise that you live as a male full time for atleast 1 year prior to having surgery. This commitment is highly recommended as a bridge in your voyage to become a natural man. To learn more about FTM female to male sex reassignment surgery please contact us today.

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