Thai Medical offers an approved Treatment for Autism Spectrum disorders using enriched stem cells. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapies have clinically shown to be the most effective natural and safe method to treat Autism spectrum disease. Our physicians use a distinct and proprietary preparation of MSC enriched adult stem cells to address the 2 main pathologies implicated in children with Autism Spectrum including:

  • Hypoperfusion in the cranial area or brain
  • Eliminate Immune dysregulation: healing gastrointestinal dysregulations. 

 Stem Cell Transplants for Treating Autism

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of complicated neuro-developmental disorders which are characterized by vastly varying levels of normal social interactions and behaviours accompanied often by severe communication difficulties or obsessive compulsive attachment to certain routines and/or repetitions. Frequent extreme dislikes of particular tastes,sounds or textures is also very common behaviour. Autism generally surfaces within the initial 3 years of life and might differ in severity from mild to severely disabling. The degree of actual severity is often unknown with autism since seemingly regular independent adults with full-time employment and self-sufficiency might be autistic and not show it. Nevertheless this really is the exception and certainly not the rule. There presently are no recognized single trigger events for ASD Autism but research has clearly shown abnormalities in brain function can usually be attributed to either poor environmental, immunological and/or other neurological and genetic elements. Our Stem Cell Therapy for Autism helps repair the damaged functions and restore normal

Growth of Autism And Its Related Social Expenses

Autism is generally regarded as the fastest growing developmental disability within the United States, with diagnoses getting elevated by staggering proportions within just the last decade. A recent study by the Center for Disease Control or “CDC” estimates that a typical of 1 in 160 children within the US have some type of ASD. That number jumps to 1 in 75 for Boys. In South Korea the typical quantity of kids suffering with Autism is almost 1 in 50 kids. The analysis also shows that Boys are 4 times more likely than girls to have autism spectrum disorders

 Treating Brain Hypoperfusion with Stem Cells

Kids with autism spectrum have shown clear signs of impaired blood flow or “hypoperfusion” to the brain. Hypo-perfusion contributes to not only functional defects by creating a state of hypoxia or a cranial oxygen deficit that severely limits normal brain function and also by allowing for abnormal neurotransmitter accumulation or metabolite accumulation. The treatment relies on the fact that if perfusion can be improved through the revitalization of blood vessels or “angiogenesis” , then this should also allow for metabolite clearance and restoration of normal functionality using Enhanced Cell Therapies.


 Treatment for Immune Dysregulations

Successful neuro-development improvement is contingent upon a normal and balanced immune response. Children with autism have immune systems that do not function normally; instead an autoimmune response of the nervous system appears to prevail. Astrocytes or “supportive brain cells” that normally play a critical role in those suffering from regulating perfusion and for providing protection against a central nervous system infection that might have the potential to cause serious damage to the human “host” when functioning in an aberrant “auto-immune” fashion. Autistic people often have systematic suppression of the immune system and chronic inflammation is also quite common.Severe Immune Dysregulation is often clearest in the form of gastrointestinal health. Most autistic people experience symptoms ranging from diarrhea, gas, and bloating to intestinal lesions and inflammation of their gastrointestinal system. Our treatment seeks to correct this Dysregulation.

How Does Stem Cells Help Treat ASD?

Our multi-stage treatment protocol uses a combination of CD34+ Peripheral Blood Cells, Adipose derived Cells, Dental Pulp cells or Placenta derived cells to target the two pathologies associated with Autism Spectrum (Hypoperfusion to the brain & Immune Dysregulation). Our treatment is unique as it allows these two different lineages of stem cells to work together and potentially heal both the Hypoperfusion to the brain and the Immune Dysregulation affecting the Gastrointestinal system. Our Treatment primarily uses Autologous Adult Stem Cells (from the patient themselves) so the risk of rejection is virtually zero.

Role of Angiogenesis

Angiogenesis is basically the formation of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels. This formation of new pathways is the fundamental premise under which the treatment operates under with respect to neurological recoveries. Angiogenesis is promoted via direct injections into damaged areas & via IV drips that naturally

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