The Most Expensive Medical Treatments

Heart Conditions-$102 Billion: More than 85 million North-Americans have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease. The deadly disease claims more than 930,000 lives each and every year. Heart disease overall is also the most expensive medical condition in the United states. To effectively reduce or eliminate any risk of heart disease or any complications from it its best to take a proactive approach and maintain a very healthy weight by exercising regularly and eating food that is good for you. Eliminating smoking is also very recommended. To find what preventative options you have visit your local cardiologist for recommendations on how to control risk factors, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Heart disease may also be treatable at one of the heart hospitals in Thailand or by having stem cell treatment for heart disease.

Diabetes Type 2-$48 Billion: Nearly 32 million Americans have diabetes Type 2. Nearly 29% of all patients with diabetes are older than 65. and it is estimated that Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of all deaths in America and the seventh most expensive condition to treat. Diabetes is a progressive degenerative disorder and can lead to serious ailments such as Kidney disease, heart disease,amputations, blindness and many other types of serious medical complications. Maintaining a good and healthy weight level along with eating a well-balanced diet can help to reduce your risk for diabetes. For people who already have diabetes, monitoring the blood sugar levels is critical to controlling the disease. Stem Cell treatments for Diabetes has shown good promise in treating people especially for Type 2.

Cancer-$88 Billion: More than 13 million North-Americans have some type of invasive cancer. Nearly 620,000 die each year from this termianl illness, making cancer the third leading cause of premature death. It is also considered to be the 3rd overall most expensive health condition to treat right after heart disease and accidents. The good news is that overall rates of cancer have been slowly falling since 1996. Most researchers have demonstrated that adverse environmental factors and poor lifestyle choices cause nearly 65% of all cancer cases. Simple but effective methods of Reducing your overall risks include eating healthy, annual health screenings,exercising and most importantly not smoking.


Joint Disorders-$59 Billion total expense each year. Non-traumatic joint disorders such as Arthritis, or OA osteoarthritis affects more than 58 million men an women in the US. Osteoarthritis risks increase dramatically with age and are the leading cause for hip replacement surgery and complete knee replacement surgery. Weight loss can also help reduce your risks of acquiring Arthritis and OA. This is particularly very true for women. minimal impact water exercises such as water polo or swimming, are also very helpful in maintaining joint function for people over 50 years of age.


These annual expenses can be greatly reduced using a suitable diet and regularly exercising.  For many however these medical problems are discovered far too late. Many patients can’t afford treatments or must wait more than a year for some much needed treatments like joint and hip replacements. An incredible number of patients are around the world chose to travel abroad for treatments. Countries like Thailand are benefiting tremendously from these medical tours. A tourism authority in Thailand estimated over 1.4 million medical related visitors traveled to Thailand in 2013. Many of these tourists are from the Middle East mainly as a result of obtaining visas to Europe and North America visa post 9-11.  This number is expected to grow drastically across the next 5-10 years as more North American and Europeans uncover the positive aspects of a medical vacation to Thailand. For people who are interested in a career solving the issue of rising healthcare costs.

People all over the world are quickly discovering the advancement,ease and privacy of medical tours to Thailand. The low price tag of elective surgeries along with the accredited high standard of service allows most to proclaim Thailand as the premiere place for a medical vacation.

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