TMV Service Packages

Thai Medical Vacation has proudly served citizens from over 35 nations in the world. Our clients come from all corners of the world. We understand the different needs and budgets of ALL our clients.

Healing, pain and recovery is not the same for everyone – some people spring back quickly and are very independent, and others prefer a more supportive, pampering and nurturing environment and higher level of support.

Tip: Please book your service package carefully: please choose the appropriate care package if you are nervous and are traveling by yourself, or if you are over 60 or if you have any medical history or problems, this way you will get the peace of mind with the extra support.

Which type of medical traveler are you?

There is basically 2 types of medical traveler to Thailand:

1. Those who have traveled frequently, particularly to Thailand or Asia, are only having single, simple procedures, and are on a strict budget

2. Those that are traveling alone, who are having more procedures and want more pampering, attention, and seek a greater level of service.

Thai Medical Vacation is pleased to offer something for everyone and satisfying both these needs! Whether you are independent veteran traveler who wants to recover in your own time and space, or if you would like pampering, support and service throughout your holiday, Our value packages are designed for your particular needs and budget

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