Visia Skin Scan & Complexion Analysis

The VISIA Skin Complexion analysis finally makes it economically feasible for for trained dermatologists in Bangkok and Phuket to quickly scan your face,skin and instantly record the existing surface & subsurface of your skin. Conditions like age spots,wrinkles,evenness, large pores and even sun damage. Utilizing a unique multi-spectrum digital analysis tool called VISIA. The VISIA Complexion Scanner provides doctors with  the best tools to create and customize a complete skin care regimen according to your distinctive complexion profile.

visia-Skin-analysis-machineThe VISIA Digital Skin scan will be the first step toward regaining optimal skin rejuvenation. Using the data obtained from the affordable evaluation, an individualized plan will be developed. As your treatment progresses, The VISIA Complexion scan offers invaluable help in tracking the results and modifying the treament on your skin while monitoring the overall effectiveness of the skin treatment plan. We also offer dental implants Thailand, non-invasive natural facelift and stem cell breast augmentation for those looking for a full body makeover with cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

Digital imaging is a simple and painless procedure. After thouroughly cleansing your skin, the nurse places your chin on a comfy resting point for the VISIA image scanner. A digital image is then recorded under natural light & ultra-violet (UV) light. The digital image is then carefully analyzed by the doctors in Thailand utilizing an advanced software created by Proctor & Gamble.  This skin care analysis then produces results based on the scans. Each VISIA in Thailand session takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

The digital images and evaluation are securely stored at the clinics but they may be accessed via email as needed for furture comparisons. A full printed report with color scans and images is provided along with customized recommendations from the dermatologist for ongoing skin care in Thailand or your home.

Get Qualified and Prices for Visia In Thailand Now:

If you considering having plastic surgery in Thailand and are ready to take the next step than please contact us. One of our dedicated skin care specialists will review the overall costs,benefits, travel details, and other necessary information for your skin analysis in Thailand.  You will need to get all your medical history records so the doctor can review them to see if you will benefit from this non invasive skin analysis. We also offer complete Thailand vacation packages for those looking for a bigger taste of what Thailand has to offer.

The actual VISIA scan and results will only require 1 day stay in Thailand. After that time you can get back to your normal life and also enjoy a beautiful exiting trip to Amazing Thailand.

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