Top 11 Inventions in Medicine & Healthcare

Intelligent Bandage Promotes and Guides Vessel Formation

Inventors: Researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

The incredible small bandage, that is known as a “microvascular stamp”, promotes angiogenesis whilst guiding precisely exactly where the vessels ought to go. It’s imbued with living cells, positioned in a defined pattern, that release growth elements about a wound and trigger vessels to grow exactly where intended. The stamp is almost 1 centimeter across and is built of layers of a hydrogel produced of polyethylene glycol (an FDA-approved polymer utilized in laxatives and pharmaceuticals) and methacrylic alginate (an edible, Jell-O-like material). The stamp is porous, permitting little molecules to leak via, and consists of channels of numerous sizes to direct the flow of bigger molecules, like growth elements.

Why it’s life-changing: The researchers see numerous possible applications for the new stamp, from directing the growth of blood vessels about a blocked artery, to growing the vascularization of tissues with inadequate blood flow, to “normalizing” blood vessels that feed a tumor to enhance the delivery of anti-cancer drugs. Enhancing the growth of new blood vessels in a coordinated pattern following surgery might also decrease recovery time and lessen the quantity of scar tissue, the researchers stated.

Xalkori as well as other genetically-targeted cancer remedies are now approved Lung cancer cells

Inventor: Pfizer

A brand new therapy for lung cancer that may be particularly efficient for non-smoking victims. These newly approved drugs target proteins created by an abnormal anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene.

Why it is life-changing: Lung cancer kills much more individuals worldwide than any other kind of cancer. If the drug is as efficient because the research show (more than half with the patients who utilized it saw their tumors shrink or disappear), it could assist remedy a large number of individuals within the United States alone. Xalkori will also be accessible in Europe, and will hopefully take a drastic bite out of cancer associated deaths all over the world.

Technologies that permit skins cells to be printed

Inventors: Scientists in the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine

A device that prints cells directly onto a wound.  

Why it is life-changing: Even though the printers are nonetheless in pre-clinical phases, the technologies might be utilized to rebuild damaged skin and treat burns, particularly of injured soldiers in combat. The device works like a desktop printer, but cartridges are filled with cells rather than ink. It is also transportable, so it might be carried onto the battlefield. Based on Reader’s Digest, utilizing the skin “bio printer” heals burns two weeks quicker) than regular.

Dental Plasma Brush Painlessly Cleans out Cavities

Inventors: A team of researchers from University of Missouri, University of Tennessee, and Nanova, Inc (Columbia, MO)

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  • You can check a person's vital signs — pulse, respiration and blood pressure — manually or by attaching sensors to the body. But a student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program is working on a system that could measure these health indicators just by putting a person in front of a low-cost camera such as a laptop computer's built-in webcam.
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  • With all these life changing inventions and ultimate advancement in technologies, human life will become ultra modern and much more organized by utilizing innovative devices and instruments we create
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  • Miracles, by definition, defy natural explanation. Anyone who offers you a natural explanation for a miracle is not being truthful.
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