Top 11 Inventions in Medicine & Healthcare

A brand new dental “plasma brush” for cleaning out cavities and preparing teeth for fillings utilizes “cool” plasma to impact chemical reactions whilst remaining painless towards the patient.

Why it’s life-changing: Fillings have a tendency to be 60% stronger when applied in conjunction with plasma therapy whilst remaining pain-free!
So far laboratory trials haven’t revealed any negative effects, nevertheless, human clinical trials are expected to start early subsequent year and if everything goes nicely we may see this technologies in dental offices by 2013.



New App to Simulate Your Plastic Surgery Outcomes

Inventors: Kaeria EURL, Paris, France  

This Plastic Surgery Simulator app which lately released assists individuals envision what they may appear like if they undergo a cosmetic surgery process. Users will probably be in a position to stretch, shrink, or move various components of their physique pictures to make the prior to and following pictures. The application is in a position to offer plastic surgery simulations for numerous cosmetic surgery Thailand procedures, like stem cell breast augmentation in Thailand, weight reduction, liposuction Thailand, facelift in Thailand, and Rhinoplasty Thailand (nose job).

Why it’s life-changing: Even though the software program appears to be just a couple of easy Photoshop tricks that may be utilized for enjoyment and actual plastic surgery outcomes are by no means guaranteed, this simulation tool can assist add a bit balance towards the choice procedure.

AeroForm Breast Tissue Expanders

Inventors: AirXpanders out of Palo Alto, CA

Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy could be a painful and usually unpleasant expertise that demands workplace visits for normal saline injections that pump up the implanted expander. AirXpanders out of Palo Alto, CA has announced that the very first patient has been enrolled in an IDE trial of its AeroForm technologies that permits ladies to manage the expansion with the implant on their very own utilizing a remote manage.

Why it’s life-changing: AeroForm implants include a CO2 cartridge connected to a wireless controller that regulates just how much gas is let out into the expander. Under regular circumstances the gas is let out in a slow continuous stream, however the patient can make modifications towards the rate with the expansion.
It is difficult to steer clear of the apparent possibility of such technologies 1 day reaching the aesthetic plastic surgeon’s workplace and ladies becoming in a position to “adjust” to what they’re dressed in.

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