Top 11 Inventions in Medicine & Healthcare


There are Tons of new inventions each and every year, but only a few have the capacity to change the world

From a sassy digital personal assistant to a mirror of the future, here are Thai Medical Top 11 picks for the most impressive breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine..

The Medical Mirror takes your pulse by analyzing your face

Inventor: Ming Zher Poh, Massachusetts Institute of Technologies graduate student.

Did you realize you can measure your heart rate via your face? In the event you did, you are most likely a graduate student at MIT. Poh’s mirror, utilizing a internet cam behind the glass, measures the quantity of light your face is reflecting and utilizes it to calculate your heartbeat.

Why it is life-changing: We’ll have the ability to track our heart well being on our own, without a go to a physician and tons of sticky electrodes or sensors (that are painful for burn victims and also the infirm). The mirror will hopefully have the ability to tell us our respiratory rate and blood-oxygen saturation levels also.

The Stark Hand combines the utility of a hook and also the aesthetics of a cosmetic model Inventor: Mark Stark   

A prosthetic hand that’s each visually pleasing – it looks like a actual hand, albeit a bit mechanical – and, yes, handy: it moves like a high-end electronic version at a fraction with the price.

Why it is life-changing: Individuals with missing appendages, particularly arms and hands, have a rough time selecting between something costly and something useful. The Stark Hand can bend towards the user’s whim, along with a shrug with the shoulder can choose up irregularly shaped objects like light bulbs with ease. By utilizing cables and harnesses instead of electronics, Stark has put the full range of motion inside the grasp of each and every amputee.

There is now a (feasible) remedy for HIV – Inventors: Researchers at Charite-University Medicine Berlin

Stem cell transplant can remove all of the infected HIV cells and replace them with wholesome cells.

Why it is life-changing: Even though it’s met by skepticism from numerous scientists, the possible HIV remedy announced recently is a major scientific breakthrough.

A man with Leukemia and HIV had his whole immune system wiped out and replaced through stem cell transplant.  He has been off anti-HIV drugs for 3 years now with no trace of either the Leukemia or HIV.

If this man really is cured, it serves as “proof of the idea that our understanding of HIV biology is on the right track, and that in the event you terminate — not just in theory but in practice — all the cells within the body which are manufacturing HIV and substitute them with uninfected cells, you have a cure,” says Dr. Michael Saag, professor of medicine and director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham AIDS Center.

It is definitely not flawless — the process has lots of potentially fatal aftermath and could be very pricey for patients — but it is absolutely a leap within the precise direction.

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