Steven From Australia Discusses His Recent Vaser Lipo in Bangkok

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Steven from Australia recently decided on having Vaser with Thai Medical because he got the absolute best prices from the best Vaser Specialists in Bangkok. If you are looking for Genuine Vaser Hi Def in Thailand To Sculpt,Tone,Lift or Tighten your Skin then look no further.

We use Genuine Vaser machines that are proven to be the leaders in Ultrasonic Liposuction technology. ...

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Effective Non-Surgical Vampire Facelift in Thailand | HA Filler and PRP

The desire to have younger-looking skin does not merely indicate vanity.  Who wouldn’t want to be an epitome of beauty?  We want to look good as it makes us feel good about ourselves and spreads the aura of positivity within us.


Don’t let the name “Vampire Facelift” scare you off.  The new Vampire lift in Thailand is a non-surgical alternative treatment to erase wrinkle lines and naturally rejuvenate ...

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Neil and Maryke Talk about Their Recent Dental Vacation to Bangkok

Its been said that “An Incredible Smile is Worth a Thousand Words” Neil and Maryke from Australia Talk about Their Recent Dental Vacation to Bangkok. Cosmetic Dental Treatments such as dental implants,and Complete Smile Makeovers for Thousands of Dollars less than Anywhere Else. Prices for Bridges,Crowns and Vaneers. To learn more about dental vacations to Thailand more please contact us today.

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