The Vampire Facelift in Thailand | HA Filler and PRP

The desire to have younger-looking skin does not merely indicate vanity.  Who wouldn’t want to be an epitome of beauty?  We want to look good as it makes us feel good about ourselves and spreads the aura of positivity within us.


Don’t let the name “Vampire Facelift” scare you off.  The new Vampire lift in Thailand is a ...

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Bicycle Rentals in Bangkok | Travel and Keep Fit

Bangkok is known for being an exciting and colorful city full of surprises. The Thai culture is rich in tradition but Bangkok is a very modernized city and is home to more than 10 million people. With the amount of people living in Bangkok, going from one place to another has always been a major issue for a long time. Terrible is an understatement when ...

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Top 4 Reasons for an Annual Health Checkups in Bangkok or Phuket

There many different reasons why a person goes to see their doctor. Most of the time it is because they are concerned about a specific problem that they want to deal with. It is not often that a person will take time to visit their doctor for just a regular annual medical checkup. It could be because most of us feel healthy and don’t think regular checkups are that important, while others just don’t want to spend alot ...

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We Have Moved to a Bigger and Newer Office in Tonglor!

Thai Medical and its staff are excited to announce that we have relocated our practice into an innovative new medical suite in Tong lo. Thong lo is also Called Sukhumvit 55,Tong Lo or Thonglor (ทองหล่อ in Thai ) and is centrally located in the trendy Up-Town Bangkok area. Our new center is specifically designed to fit the needs of our international clients visiting Thailand for medical treatments ranging from plastic surgery , dental care ...

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Yoga Retreats in Thailand |Yoga Holidays

Yoga has gained popularity around the world for the past decade because of the proven health benefits that goes along with its simple methodology. People who have hit the yoga mat in the past can all attest to feeling stronger and even happier in as little as 1 hour after their yoga session, this is why so many people are wanting to give it a try.

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