301 – Non-Surgical Ultherapy Skin Rejuvenation & Tightening | Genuine Ulthera

UPDATED April 02, 2018 – Ulthera is considered on of the best non-surgical “lifting” skin lasers in the World. Ultherapy works its “magic” via Focused Ultrasound lasers at various skin levels to instantly improve facial skin tone, tightening, cellulite reduction or fat removal. 

Only Genuine Ultherapy System allows our trained dermatologists to target problem areas below the skin area with 100% accuracy. This also helps ensures a very safe and reliable outcome for hundreds of men and women coming to Bangkok for ...

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Would YOU Alter your Brown Eyes To Blue?

A new laser promises to do just that – but some critics say it’s reckless vanity

From wrinkles on the forehead to tips of disfigured toes, cosmetic surgical treatments in Thailand nowadays holds out the assurance of altering nearly every facet of a humans body, except one. Until now, there has been one thing that needles or scalpels could not change. That is up until now: the color of your eyes.  No amount of money,surgical interference, ...

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