Top 11 Inventions in Medicine & Healthcare


There are Tons of new inventions each and every year, but only a few have the capacity to change the world

From a sassy digital personal assistant to a mirror of the future, here are Thai Medical Top 11 picks for the most impressive breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine..

The Medical Mirror takes your pulse by analyzing your face

Inventor: Ming Zher Poh, ...

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REDIRECT PGD Gender Selection Thailand

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD Gender Selection Thailand is usually coupled with IVF as a useful tool to greatly improve overall success rates for having a boy or girl, reduce the risk of recurrent miscarriages and inherited genetic disorders passed down from mother or father such as cystic fibrosis,thassalemia, sickle cell anemia disease , muscular dystrophy and 130 other known genetic defects. Thai Medical Vacation Continue Reading →

Amazing Pictures from The Devastating Floods In Thailand

In their unity against this tragic natural disaster, Thai’s have formed a more perfect bond amongst and for each other- True character and strength is not in the moments of great passion and bursting joy, but in the strength with which in weathered any storm, no matter how harsh or difficult the times may be.

Here is a brief photo documentary of the storms and floods of Thailand 2011 

If you are interested in helping please contact the Thai ...

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Koh Samui Resorts Thailand

Koh Samui Resorts Luxury in Thailand

koh samui resorts thailand

Going to Koh Samui Resorts in Thailand are the  ideal retreat for anyone looking for large and spaciously appointed beach rooms and facilities. Ko Samui resorts are set in multi-colored lush tropical home gardens and fauna, they are mostly situated in the front of an expanded long whitened sandy beach. Samui Beach front Villages’ offers awe-inspiring beach front complexes, ...

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