All on 4 & All on 6 Dental Implants

All on 4 Implants are a great solution to change your smile in as little as 1 day. This unique treatment is available in Bangkok and offers a reliable/efficient reconstruction method by just using 4 implants to support an instantly loaded full-arch dental prosthesis.

Vejthani-hospital-bangkok-dental-labDental implants for individual teeth can sometime take months to install so thankfully today,There is a much better ...

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Male Chest Liposuction Thailand|Effective Solutions for Gynecomastia

Treatment for Gynecomastia in Thailand

With the rapidly raising social approval of plastic surgery procedures for ladies, guys too are regularly looking for a more pleasing body shape and curves. This overall general acceptance, coupled with a fairly common condition in men that causes enlarged male breasts, has quickly contributed to the recently-explosion in popularity of male chest reduction and breast reduction surgery.

According to information exposed by the Association of Plastic Surgeons in 2012, ...

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3D Picture of Your Unborn Child | InFertility | PGD Testing

Who needs ultrasonic scans when you can have real 3D model of your unborn child  (fetus) ? A resin-cast 3D print is one of the latest developments in the rapidly evolving field of 3D printing. Sadly, this new technology is not yet available in Bangkok. For now, potential parents need to travel to the clinic in Tokyo Japan.

3D Baby Pictures – See the Future in a New Way

[jwplayer mediaid=”9948″]

The new clinic developed this ...

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REDIRECTED – High Definition Smart Lipo

High Definition Smart Lipo in Thailand

In addition to the popular Vaser Hidef liposuction, High definition Laser liposuction is also starting to be a popular alternative. Laser Lipo aka SmartLipo in Thailand is a modern, state-of-the-art technique that uses medical grade lasers to gently break down the fat deposits in targeted areas of men and womens bodies. Popular areas for SMART lip include the abs, ...

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Visia Skin Scan & Complexion Analysis

The VISIA Skin Complexion analysis finally makes it economically feasible for for trained dermatologists in Bangkok and Phuket to quickly scan your face,skin and instantly record the existing surface & subsurface of your skin. Conditions like age spots,wrinkles,evenness, large pores and even sun damage. Utilizing a unique multi-spectrum digital analysis tool called VISIA. The VISIA Complexion Scanner provides doctors with  the best tools to create and customize a complete skin care regimen according to your distinctive complexion profile.

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