Medical Vacation Insider-Top 3 Inside Secrets Revealed

Medical expenses getting out of hand? You are not alone! An approximate 5 million folks around the world will take what is known as medical vacation this year alone. Mainly because they either can’t afford the treatments at home or anywhere nearby, or the wait is too long or don’t have insurance or merely just want to save money on a needed treatment and take an exotic holiday and medical vacation for less than the price ...

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Experience a Thai Medical Holiday

If you are looking to experience a Thai Medical Holiday  it is important for you to first understand a little bit about the Kingdom of Thailand. This is a beautiful country located in the heart of South East Asia.Here is a quick video about taking a medical holiday trip to Thailand.

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Bodypain giving you the blues?

If you notice pain traveling down your arm or leg or back seek help soon. You will learn how taking a medical vacation can recharge your batteries and get you going on your path to a healthier life.

Back pain includes depression, that emerges from fractures. Fractures embody pathologic pain that is created when your body needs help. Blood vessels create up the arteries, capillary, and veins. As you’ll be able to see chest pain will lead ...

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Medical Miracle or simply a sophisticated form of cheating?

NEW YORK — They were introduced by a mutual acquaintance who believed that they could help each other. Bartolo Colon, 37, was broken-down and overweight, but harbored dreams of returning to the major leagues. Leonel Liriano, 48, was a doctor in search of a high-profile athlete willing to try a controversial form of stem cell therapy. When he failed to convince retired Red Sox star Pedro Martinez to give the procedure a try, ...

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