Dangers of Cheap Plastic Surgery & Uncertified Surgeons

Stories about botched cosmetic surgeries around the world are not hard to find online. Unfortunately many patients try to find the lowest price without regard to the surgeons qualifications or experience. Such decisions can end up causing permanent damage or sometimes even death. Fact – ALL cosmetic surgeries carry risk, however risk is usually minimised by using the services of properly trained doctors who perform surgery in certified operating rooms or at  Continue Reading →


Steven From Australia Discusses His Recent Vaser Lipo in Bangkok

Real Reviews From Real People!

Steven from Australia recently decided on having Vaser with Thai Medical because he got the absolute best prices from the best Vaser Specialists in Bangkok. If you are looking for Genuine Vaser Hi Def in Thailand To Sculpt,Tone,Lift or Tighten your Skin then look no further.

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We use Genuine Vaser machines that are proven to be the leaders in ...

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