Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injuries

SCI or Spinal cord injuries usually occur with a sudden & traumatic injury or blow to the spinal cord that dislocates or fractures the vertebrae. The damage of SCI begins at the point of impact when the displaced disc material,bone fragments, or ligaments either bruise or tear the spinal cord tissue. Most SCI injuries do not sever the spinal cord completely. The SCI is likely to cause minor compressions or fractures of the vertebrae, that crush and destroy the signal carriers called “axons”. Axons carry electric signals up and down our spinal cords and act as a messenger between our brains and the rest of our bodies. SCI generally cause damage to some,many, or in some cases all the axons.

Some SCI victims can accomplish a complete recovery. Others however,will be left with complete paralysis.SCI are classified in two categories, complete or incomplete. A complete SCI is indicated by the total lack of all sensory and motor functions below the area of injury. An incomplete SCI means that the patient has the ability to convey some messages to &/or from the brain but often in a limited capacity. Most People with incomplete SCI injuries can retain minor sensory and/or motor function below the point of injury. Those who survive SCI will most likely suffer for medical complications like bowel and bladder dysfunction and often have chronic pain. Partial SCI patients also have an increased susceptibility to heart & respiratory problems. Successful recovery using stem cells to  treat spinal cord Injuries depends largely on how well systematic failures and chronic conditions are handled day-to-day.

Video of CT Guided Intra-Spinal Injection

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Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries Overview

Stem-cell-treatment-of-Spinal-Cord-InjuryCell Therapy for injured Spinal Cords focuses on regeneration of the connections between your brain and body that have been broken or severely hampered. Stem cells can help regain motor functions and regain bowel and bladder dysfunction, regain loss of sensations, help minimize chronic pain,cramps and its associated depression. Conventional treatments for SCI today are focused mainly on providing rehabilitation and the prevention of secondary damage. Recent advancements in spinal cord cell treatments offer hope for thousands of victims around the world who are often left with little or no hope for recovery. Stemcell treatments for spinal cord injury can help support and promote the bodies natural regeneration cycle by stimulating the rapid repair of damaged cells and tissue. The regenerative treatment goes well beyond the traditional approach of symptomatic treatments and can help you improve and regain some of the previously lost or impaired physical functions. Cell death normally occurs when our cells are injured. These dead cells are surrounded by both damaged and healthy cells. Stem cells stimulate the healing of these injured cells via the secretion of cytokines and other cells such as NGF  or nerve growth factors to trigger the body into self-healing mode.

Thai Medical offers a unique spinal cord treatment protocol using a multi-pronged approach. First, adult stem cells are injected directly into the damaged areas of the spine via the accuracy and precision guidance of a CT-guided intra-spinal injection. The treatment is then supplemented even further with another injection using an LP or lumbar puncture and/or IV drip injections.

Treatment Video

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CT-guided intra-spinal stem cell treatments are considered the gold standard in the field of Stem Cell treatment for spinal cord injury and spinal injury stem cell research for Stem Cell Treatments in Thailand. The precision of CT guidance allows the neurosurgeon to precisely aim the stem cells inside the healthy spinal cord tissues directly adjacent to the injury and lesions. The CT-guided intra-spinal stem cell treatments avoids the requirements of open spine surgeries of yesteryear. CT-guided intra-spinal stem cell treatments also avoid the risks, pain and subsequent healing time associated with cell treatment for SCI (spinal cord injury.)

Objectives and Results

The objectives of the enriched cell treatments for spinal cord injuries is to help repair the injured areas on the cellular level near the point of impacts and lesions. The resulting therapy will generally lead to improved quality of life and improved symptoms primarily in physical function,movements and abilities. The majority of patients who are accepted into the program have show dramatic improvements usually after the first or second treatments and continue to improve and regenerate 6 months to a year after treatment. The results are permanent barring new injuries.

Benefits of having Stem cell Therapy

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