Liposuction Solutions in Thailand

Liposuction is the quickest and most effective cosmetic weightloss procedure on the market today. Used for over 20 years,Liposuction in Thailand can you eliminate your stubborn body fat that has not gone away despite vigorous exercises and dieting programs. Liposuction techniques today are light years ahead of the early lipo techniques. Unfortunately, these new options can be slightly overwhelming at first, especially due to the technical names used such as Tumescent, Vaser,WAL,Smart Lipo,BodyTite RFAL,Acculift,Lipoplasty, ,LipoSelection and CoolSculpting just to name a few.

Lipoplasty in Thailand Before After Video

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Types of Liposuction in Bangkok and Phuket

Some commonly used lipo techniques in Thailand include:

  • Tumescent or Traditional Lipo (oldest-no longer recommended)
  • Lipo Selection Using VASER or VASER HiDef (fat reduction – bodysculpting)
  • Laser Liposis  - SMART Lipo in Thailand  (fat reduction small areas)
  • BodyTite Lipo in ThailandNEW- (Fat reduction + Skin tightening)
  • Cryo Lipolysis or COOLSculpting “Freeze Lipo” (100% non-sugical Lipo)

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